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Does The Orthodontist Really Do Anything Except Braces?

Orthodontists are much-maligned for being the issuers of painful braces and archaic techniques that are meant to straighten teeth. The Orthodontist gets a "bad rap" because they are too often associated with pain and the excruciating tightening of braces. Orthodontists mean you no harm and they can do more than you might think. [Full Article]

Ever Consider just walking in and interviewing?

Many times employers are desperate to get people into positions that need immediate filling. It's not so easy to just find Orderlies, Assistants and Techs to do a lot of the hard labor that is required in medicine. [Full Article]

Further News: Medical Coders are in demand!

Medical coding is a job that is cloaked in mystery because it sounds like something that only a select few geniuses can do, but coders are in demand and you can do it too! [Full Article]

We need people working at the VA

With two wars going on in Iraq and Afghanistan and countless other troops stationed all over the world the Veteran's Administration or VA handles all affairs for veterans after they exit the military. Just as there is a shortage in medical professionals in "regular" hospitals there is also a shortage of medical professionals in VA hospitals. [Full Article]

Get a Workout at...Work!

Some medical jobs DO get a lot more of a "workout" than others and if you're the kind of person who likes to be extremely active then these might deserve a look so you can find a job that pretty much suits your lifestyle... [Full Article]

Need flexible hours?

Not every job in the medical field is going to be chock full of flexible hours that allow you to work anytime day or night and just "do your own thing" otherwise, but there are SOME jobs in the medical community that do offer you flexible hours that will allow you to work your job around your family, your schooling, and your life. Check it out... [Full Article]

Doctor Schmoctor

For some people Medical School is just completely out of reach. Even with student loans, government assistance, scholarship and other incentives and aids, Medical School may not be in the cards. Well, how is one supposed to attain the high level of academic luster that comes along with being an "M.D."? The options are actually quite limitless. [Full Article]

No Training...No Problem

Well, there are jobs in the medical world that do not require any training. Imagine how much easier things would be if you could just get in the door, have your employer support your education (and even pay for it!) Let's take a look... [Full Article]

Working on the Fringes of Medicine

Most medical jobs work in the thick of things: in hospitals and health clinics and nursing homes and convalescent homes, etc. However, some medical jobs keep you out of the fray and only put you "in the trenches" at the moment you are needed.[Full Article]

We've Got 200,000 Unfilled Nursing Jobs?

The stark reality in the medical community is that while some fields tend to saturate a given city or market other fields can NEVER be completely filled and that fact is the genesis for the title of this article. We have about 200,000 unfilled medical jobs in nursing alone in this country. [Full Article]

The Government Has Incentives to Get You Into Medicine!

Compare medical careersThe U.S. Government has loads and loads of money lying around just waiting to be used by someone like you who wants to get into a medical profession but needs a little "nudge". [Full Article]

Unusual Healthcare Jobs

There are some jobs in medicine that don't quickly come to mind (and some that are not even listed on this site because they are so obscure) but we must shine a light on them to make sure they get the attention they deserve. [Full Article]

Dental Hygienists Lead The Pack in Flexible Hours

First off I need to make clear that Dental Hygienists are not the only people who can find themselves some flexible hours, but they do have some of the most opportune flexible in any job that you could imagine. [Full Article]

Rising Demand for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing sectors of the American economy and with the government on the verge of passing sweeping healthcare legislation it's about to get more crowded in the medical community. [Full Article]

How Many Ways Can You Be a Dentist Anyways?

Most people think Dentist and they think "Ok, I'll work 4 days a week, charge out the nose, and retire young. I can do that." However, being a Dentist isn't all about working 4 days a week, charging out the nose and retiring young...far from it. [Full Article]

Medical Equipment Manufacturers also need equipment specialists

Medical Equipment manufacturers aren't hurting as much as some other companies in this rough economy, and they need as much help as they can get. In the medical community there are always needs on "both sides of the fence" when it comes to patient care. [Full Article]

Surgeons Can Wear Many Different Hats

If you read over the job profiles on you'll find the median salary for Surgeons is $271,000. While that is true you may have to really work hard to get to $271,000 per year of income. There are many other tasks that a Surgeon must perform during the course of the day besides running into surgery and being "dashing" and the "knight in shining armor". [Full Article]

Using Science electives in High School to prepare for a career

If you're already thinking about diving into medicine when you get out of school then it would be advisable to do get a "running start" on some knowledge you'll need to "make it" in your desired medical profession. True, most people want to be doctors when they grow up, but a lot of High School students want to work in medicine outside of the "M.D.". [Full Article]

Have you ever thought of working with pregnant mothers?

The only work in medicine with pregnant mothers is not just in an OB's office or in the Labor and Delivery Ward of a hospital. It's not unusual to forget that there are other outlets for pregnancy services in the medical industry. [Full Article]

Turn Your Passion for Art into a Medical Career

Lots of people enjoy art. Some people enjoy drawing, sculpting and painting, but there aren't too many avenues for people to express themselves outside the stodgy walls of the "art world" where you have to be "cutting edge" to get in and stay in. [Full Article]

Opticians Have More Options Than You Think

Most people think of "Dispensing Opticians" and they think "Oh, that's the person that gives me my glasses", but the truth is that they can give you a lot more than glasses and do a lot more than "unbend" your bent frames. Let's take a look at the options given to Opticians and how they tie into other medical fields...[Full Article]

An EMT can do more than EMT!

EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) and/or Paramedics can do a lot more than just the "riding in an ambulance into dangerous situations to help people" thing. If you imagine the possibilities that abound when you have the training an EMT has, you can easily be one person by day and another by night. Think about it...[Full Article]

How Long Before You Need To Make A Change?

Tons of people are working unhappily, even in a bad economy, and they really want to make a change but they don't know how. Come look at some quick ways to move into a more "career-like" job... [Full Article]

I Didn't Know it was THIS Competitive!

Some fields in medicine are great, they sound great, they're fun, they really invigorate you, and they're also really hard to get into. Let's take a careful look at this... [Full Article]

Four great medical jobs for shy people

So, You Say You're Not The Social Type? We could say that some people are "shy" and should step into a particular medical field, but really some people just need more time for introspection or enjoy working alone. [Full Article]

Take The First Step and Become a Nursing Assistant

A lot of times it's really hard to punt your life and just go to school for a few years to become an RN. It's also really hard to live when you probably need a job while you're in school. Well, there are plenty of places in the medical community where you can, basically, train on the job for your future career while making a living so you can go to school. [Full Article]

Take Heart in a Medical Profession

Medical jobs tend to be some of the most grueling and intense you can get your hands on, but they don't come without their rewards and "kickbacks"... if you will. [Full Article]

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