Are you an Artist? Ever Consider Orthotics and Prosthetics?

This isn't the most natural move an artist can make.

However, lots of talented artists get into sculpting for all different sorts of things and one of those things you can use your artistic skills for is Orthotics and Prosthetics.

Orthotics are the additions that are made to shoes to balance a patient's feet because they may have one leg that is longer than the other. How does this apply to artistic talent? Well, someone's got to shape the Orthotic inserts to the patient's foot and walking style, don't they? Now, I know a lot of Orthotic inserts are simply mass-produced because they ALWAYS need to be personally hand-crafted, but there are cases when Orthotics DO need to be handmade for each individual patient. Someone with artistic talent can learn how to do this much quicker than someone who is not so artistic and just working in the office.

Prosthetics are even more challenging because Prosthetics aim to replace whole limbs. Fashioning a hand or foot that is realistic is an art and it cannot be taken lightly because the patient will take great joy in knowing that someone has made something for them that is realistic and will change their life. It's one thing to just have a mass-produced arm like the One-Armed Man in "The Fugitive" and it's quite another to have an arm and hand that has been sculpted to look as close to the person's hand as possible.

The extra time that a talented artist can put in makes the field that much more rewarding when you know you're helping people who so much want to have some normalcy brought back to their lives.

Take your artistic talents, think outside the box and help bring some folks a little piece of mind. It does the soul some good...

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