An EMT can do more than EMT!

EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) and/or Paramedics can do a lot more than just the "riding in an ambulance into dangerous situations to help people" thing.

Honestly, EMTs and Paramedics are very important in the medical system because they are usually first responders to crises, but that doesn't mean that they can't do other things besides riding in ambulance into dangerous situations. If you imagine the possibilities that abound when you have the training an EMT has or if you have other medical training you can easily be one person by day and another by night (riding in the backs of ambulances into dangerous situations and saving the day.) Think about it...

Let's look at EMT training as a prerequisite for doing other medical jobs. Even you've only completed EMT "Basic" you still get a lot of medical knowledge out of that course and you could easily use in application of another medical trade. You could get into Laboratory work and become a Lab Tech or you could get into direct patient care and become a Dental Assistant or a Medical Assistant. You could be a Surgical Technologist or Medical Equipment Preparer because those jobs take very little training that you could easily complete (and your work as an EMT would inform you quite a bit in training for another field.)

If you're looking in from the outside you could already be working as a Registered Nurse and easily get through training to become an EMT. Also, some Doctors even become EMTs just to allow more experienced professionals in the field providing care. Heck, some EMTs become Doctors so this kind of work is great preparation for a career in medicine or it can serve as another avenue to get your "medical job fix".

I know it sounds crazy to want to do more than one very intense medical job and then leave that job and go to another very intense and stressful medical job, but that might be the thing for you and you might even want the extra money AND the extra experience. Well, if you need the extra experience get it in two different areas because that makes you more attractive to prospective employers because they will LOVE that you respond well in high-stress situations. Now that's a resume builder!

A lot of people see being an EMT as a "lowly" job, but you have to remember that you can also become a Firefighter with your EMT experience and there is a whole career there in public service. Now you've got options...and options are good in this economy.

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