Ever Consider just walking in and interviewing?

Many times employers are desperate to get people into positions that need immediate filling.

It's not so easy to just find Orderlies, Assistants and Techs to do a lot of the hard labor that is required in medicine. We all know that Med School is very hard and that deters a lot of people from going, but in that knowledge we assume those people will do OTHER medical jobs. Sometimes they don't. This is really a thought process about how to get a job without being "ready". There is such a thing as "on the job training", but you have to seek it out first.

It takes a lot of guts to just go someplace and say "Hey, I want a job", but it DOES happen. More and more today we're finding that jobs are scarce, but the publication of job openings is just as scarce and sometimes more so. Employers are not pounding the pavement trying to tell everyone in the world that they have a shortage of Lab Techs, or Medical Assistants, or Psychiatric Aides. This just isn't the world we live in today. If you think you know of a place that has room for you then you need to do your homework and get in there and tell them you want a job.

This usually only works in the movies, but just think about it. You take your friend to the Emergency Room and you notice that the floor isn't particularly clean. Then, you overhear a nurse commenting on how she has to empty the trash on that floor by herself and she wishes they had help with janitorial stuff...like mopping the floor.

Well, if you're in need of a job you could easily ask "Hey, who do I talk to about that Janitor's job?". I don't think there would be any complaints about having a clean workplace form the nurses!

What if you went to a Doctor's appointment and the Doctor makes mention that they've been without a lab technician for quite a while so he's going to go back and work on your labs and get back to you as soon as possible. Why not say "Hey doc. I know I don't have nay training or experience, but I'm a fast learner and I'll do right by you." Some people will skeptical, but others will say "Hot damn! I finally found someone."

My Grandfather-in-law says "There's always a job for those who are willing to work hard.". I think he's right. When you just go in and tell someone..."Hey, I want that job!" you're telling them right up front what a hard worker you are. They don't need to check your references or anything. It takes gumption to do stuff like that and employers are always looking for "self-starters". Doesn't this make you the ultimate "self-starter"?

So, if you need a job and you just THINK someone might have a job opening you need to ask. Sometimes the classifieds and the want-ads don't tell the whole story. You need to get up and tell someone yourself that you need work. Who knows, they might even train you right there on the spot!

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