Four great medical jobs for shy people

We could say that some people are "shy" and should step into a particular medical field, but really some people just need more time for introspection or enjoy working alone.

This is common in our society and you can see these things in school kids (and in yourself when you were a school kid.) Let's take a look at some professions in the medical community that allow for a little more space, a little more introspection, and less interruption.

Medical Transcriptionists have probably the most isolated of all medical professions. When you're only job is to take the spoken notes of a Doctor and transcribe them into written form and produce a cohesive medical record you don't have to deal with anybody but yourself. Especially now when almost the entire Transcriptionist industry exists online you will probably never meet your boss in person (which for some people is no problem.) You can do this job in your PJ's and not be bothered. Maybe you're not shy, but you don't want to be a social butterfly either.

Medical Equipment Preparers are the people who get equipment ready BEFORE a procedure ever happens. If you are having surgery and there are all kinds of machines in the "OR" then the Medical Equipment Preparer was in there getting everything ready and sterile long before you or the Doctors ever got there. Basically, a Medical Equipment Preparer is a phantom that moves about the hospital making everyone's life easier, yet is hardly seen. Wouldn't it be nice to go to work and be relatively unknown, yet effect everyone in the building? Very nice for an introvert.

Anesthesiologists put you under during surgery and monitor your vital signs during surgery, but the most interaction they have with people is making sure they are on the same page as the surgeon they're working with and asking you to count backwards from 10 while they knock you out. Once again, you can do a lot of good and be relatively unknown.

Laboratory Technologists are the final frontier in introspection and isolation. If you just want to work in quiet and not be bothered then working in a laboratory is a great gig for you. The only time you'll see people is when someone brings a sample down for testing. Plus, most people don't even know where the lab you're working in is so they can't come and bother you all the time. If you don't mind being cooped up in the lab and enjoy peace and quiet then this might be it for you.

You see, there is something for everyone, but you can be "shy" and still work in medicine. You can also need some time to yourself and work in medicine. Take a look around and see if you want to be the "phantom" and get things done without being bothered. If so, I think I've found your ticket.

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