Have you ever thought of working with pregnant mothers?

The only work in medicine with pregnant mothers and their unborn children is not just in an OB's office or in the Labor and Delivery Ward of a hospital.

It's not unusual to forget that there are other outlets for pregnancy services in the medical industry. Crisis pregnancy centers, birthing centers, and non-profits all can benefit from workers who want to work with pregnant mothers and unborn children.

Neo-natal care is something that is hard to get a handle on because you don't always have a steady client base. Women get pregnant at all different times and all different stages of their lives so there need to be people working to serve each sector of the "pregnant" population.

To say the least there need to be nurses and medical assistants who want to work in each of these facilities. When we think of a "crisis pregnancy center" or "local pregnancy service" we usually imagine an office filled with women in suits who tell girls not to have abortions and then hand out fliers for adoption services.

Actually, a "crisis pregnancy center" or something of that ilk is filled with women in suits AND Doctors, Nurses and Medical Assistants who provide free medical care or care at a reduced cost to patients.

Also, many centers will have licensed therapists, counselors, or Psychologists/Psychiatrists on hand to counsel women who are in a difficult situation. For example, if you wanted to work with teenagers then you may want to become a counselor and work with pregnant teens who need help dealing with their situation. Also, women who are "high risk" or much older may also need special services and counseling because they may have a baby with Down's Syndrome or another kind of birth defect that makes being pregnant quite difficult.

Sometimes non-profit organizations open clinics for pregnant mothers and they ask Doctors and Nurses to work "pro bono" to aid patients in their clinics. You may work in a Doctor's office by day or you might be a Surgeon in a hospital, but by night you could volunteer at a non-profit clinic for the benefit of those who need assistance. Sometimes when you get into a nice medical career it is good to give back and one way to give back is through volunteering your time to young or "at risk" mothers.

Also, if you do work in a hospital or doctor's office you could try to organize a "free clinic" or seminars for pregnant mothers who need help. This is something you can along with your job that helps others and it might even "birth" you new career opportunities. Sometimes Nurses and Doctors who do this kind of work go on the run local health departments or local pregnancy service departments. This is a good way to get into the administrative aspect of "pregnancy" and still do something you love.

The options are endless regardless of what field you want to work in, but if you like babies and want to help mothers who are in desperate need then walk right on over to the nearest clinic and volunteer...you never know where it might lead.

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