Interesting career options for nurses

Here are some interesting career options for you as a registered nurse:

Travel Nurse
Travel nurses go around the country and/or world and help out where nurses are needed.

This can be for normal shortage reasons such as difficulty in hiring qualified people or for other reasons such as helping out after a natural disaster.

The good news is that as a travel nurse, you can choose your assignment. This allows you to see different parts of the US and the world, while getting paid well for it. By working in many different situations, departments, and hospitals, travel nurses learn a lot of different skills very quickly. This can help them when applying for future permanent or travel nurse positions.

Forensic Nurse
The television show CSI has really changed the way most of us look at solving crimes. As a Forensic Nurse, you assist in this investigation by taking and analyzing evidence from the victims of crimes.

This can get too emotional for some prospective forensic nurses. However, others find it rewarding to help victims through this tough time in their lives and to stop this from happening to other people by catching the perpetrator.

Emergency Department Nurse
The Emergency department can be a fascinating place to work. Unlike TV programs about hospitals, bursts of excitement and activity in the Emergency Department are often followed by calmer periods which are used to recharge for the next burst of activity. The variety of cases can make it a great learning environment - although often the learning needs to be done quickly.

Emergency department nurses have to assess, plan, and react to situations without warning. In this way, it is a true test of emergency department nurses' skill in reacting and handling both emotional and medical situations so that the patient can recover.

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