Interstate-Healthcare Might Mean More Work For Everyone

In the increasing fight to overhaul healthcare there have been proposals to offer "interstate healthcare".

Offering coverage on an "interstate basis" may bring more business to many facilities around the country. Even if you don't live near a state line then you can still benefit from this potential reform and it may make sense you to also consider your healthcare career options in an "interstate" fashion.

If there is going to be coverage across state lines then that means there may be more jobs to hospitals and clinics near state lines. There are many places where people live in one state and work in another, but their health coverage is only good in ONE of the states they are near. If interstate legislation even begins to take root then you might find facilities offering care across state lines.

So, if you are looking for a job then you may want to look at places that closer to a state line where there are lots of people who live on "both sides of the line". There may be a hospital 20 miles from you (in another state) that needs workers, but you didn't know because they're over there and you're over here. Thinking of looking for work in those terms might broaden your job search two-fold. Also, if you are looking for a place to go to school you may find a place that is "over there" that you were not aware of because they are not in your state, but in the state right next door.

Taking the "interstate" model one step further will allow you to find MANY options in regards to training and work on a full-time or part-time basis. Let's say that you are working part-time as a Dental Hygienist, but 30 miles away (fairly close to a state line) there are 20 Dentists who serve not only your state's residents, but the next state's residents too. Don't you think there's going to be work over there because of the confluence of people and state lines?

You bet!

Also, working near boundaries may translate to county lines as well. If you live in the county that houses a HUGE city, but right next door are more rural or semi-suburban counties then you might find lots of work near the county line because Hospitals, clinics, and doctors will all setup closest to the places where they think they can get the most patients. The commute might not be the MOST convenient, but it might mean a well-paid job that offers opportunities for advancement that you wouldn't find elsewhere.

Once again, whether you think healthcare reform is going to pass you have to anticipate that some people might start offering healthcare on an interstate basis just to be "modern". Also, applying these concepts to your job hunt and search for advancement will give you a much better chance of finding a job you love.

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