Medical Assistants: Helping your way to a better career

In the healthcare field, a Medical Assistant may not be considered as powerful or highly paid as a physician or nurse. The fact remains, however, that no hospital, medical center or doctor's office can run efficiently without the services of these trained professionals.

Basically, Medical Assistants assume responsibility for a myriad of diverse duties at medical facilities. The exact nature of these duties will depend on the size and staff needs of each facility. You could do everything from type reports to check a patient's vital signs, file patient medical records or prepare patients for exams, fill out insurance forms or perform basic laboratory tests.

Talk about a diverse career! One minute a Medical Assistant could be greeting patients, the next he or she could be sterilizing their medical instruments or changing their bandages. They could be drawing blood from patients, arranging their exam rooms, or instructing them about their medications, prescriptions and diets.

In performing these duties, Medical Assistants work directly with doctors, nurses, pharmacists and administrators; acting as a helper and a go between, ensuring that all operations run smoothly and efficiently. To put it simply, no quality medical center can stay afloat without the aid of trained Medical Assistants.

In order to become a Medical Assistant, the qualified candidate must enter an accredited program offered at a college or vocational school, or might study through online education. Training for this position can take between one to two years; the coursework that one must complete in order to become a Medical Assistant is just as diverse as the job itself.

While training, you will learn about everything from typing up a good medical report to performing certain types of medical exams. You will learn everything from transcribing to accounting, anatomical to administrative science.

By studying to become a Medical Assistant, you will arm yourself with a vast wealth of practical information that you can apply to virtually any career. Using this knowledge and experience, you will lay the groundwork for an exciting career in the medical industry. You might go on to become a doctor, a nurse, or a hospital administrator; or, for that matter, a corporate executive who runs a tight, productive office.

Or you might simply choose to become and remain a Medical Assistant. Experienced, certified Medical Assistants can earn nearly $40,000 per year. Perhaps even more importantly, they make a difference in the lives of both physicians and patients.

Medical Assistants are, in many ways, the accumulative backbone of the healthcare field. Aside from providing an optimum level of patient care, they ensure the successful inner workings of countless medical centers around the world.

By becoming a Medical Assistant, you will be assuming what is perhaps the most helpful job in the entire 'helping' profession. You will stand at the side of people who may be facing serious health conditions, while at the same time serving and abetting physicians. If your dream is to make a difference, then check out a career in medical assisting today.

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    Salary: $28,300
    Job Prospects: A+
    Education After HS: 1 years
    # Employed: 475,950
    Part Time: 23%

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