Medical Equipment Manufacturers also need equipment specialists

Medical Equipment manufacturers aren't hurting as much as some other companies in this rough economy, and they need as much help as they can get.

In the medical community there are always needs on "both sides of the fence" when it comes to patient care. Doctors and hospitals are working directly with patients and directly with equipment to treat patients. Also, there are companies that manufacture and sell that same equipment and there needs to be service on "both sides of the fence" regarding this equipment.

In hospitals and medical clinics a Medical Equipment Preparer is charged with getting operating room, scanning, imaging, and treatment equipment ready for use, cleaned, and in proper working condition. The Preparer has to have enough know-how to get the equipment to do what it's supposed to do, when it's supposed to do it. However, the manufacturer also has to have a team of Preparers working with their equipment after the sale. Why?

Well, folks who are bound to be in the public eye like companies that make medical equipment can't have even one piece of equipment malfunction for even a second without the press sensationalizing even a minor mishap. No one wants to be party to a minor mishap or experience one firsthand...much less something worse. So, manufacturers cannot just sell the equipment let that be that.

If you are mechanically-inclined then you might want to work as a Medical Equipment Preparer for a hospital OR a manufacturer.

Many manufacturers have Preparers and other professionals working "in the field" inspecting and maintaining the equipment to make sure it is always "up to snuff". Sometimes the Preparer who works in the hospital doesn't have the time or the technical knowledge about a specific product to just go fixing EVERYTHING. True, preparers can fix some things, but not everything. The Preparers that work for the manufacturer can come in and handle more sophisticated repairs and keep the equipment working so patients can be treated in a timely manner.

It's not a stretch to imagine the amount of work you can get working for the manufacturer because the amount of equipment out there is so massive. Every hospital has to make sure that everything is in working order so finding a job like this can yield more than full-time work. Plus, if you are REALLY good then you might be able to go "independent" and hire yourself out to do the work that others may not be able to get to.

The potential to have, basically, more than one job is very real. Plus, if you wanted to also do some work as a preparer in a hospital you would be in high demand because you might be able to do more complicated repairs for the hospital and speed up their turnover time on equipment. Essentially, can you become a medical equipment efficiency expert.

Take a look around the medical community and see if private companies OR hospitals are hiring. Sometimes you can find work in unlikely places because you don't ALWAYS have to work for or with a doctor to work in the medical field.

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