Medical Jobs for the Older Set

Maybe you've reached a point in your life where you're seeking a new challenge; new horizons to conquer, new challenges to overcome.

Retirement doesn't have to mean the end of your work life; quite the contrary, it's a time in your life when you can explore new options, perhaps in the health care field.

True, at this point in your life you might not want to spend years in medical school, and countless days as a medical intern, in pursuit of an advanced degree. You might not want to become a doctor or nurse, or to pursue any career that requires extensive education and on-the-job experience.

Luckily, the medical field is a diverse profession that offers something for someone. Today you can enjoy a wide range of career opportunities, some of which require little training and experience.

For many retirees, volunteerism is a strong option for work-related opportunities. Virtually every hospital and medical center employs volunteers for a variety of positions; some of which require little or no training. You can cheer patients up by sitting with or reading to them, bringing them snacks and magazines, serving their meals, or just providing a listening ear in times of need.

Or, if you would prefer less patient contact, many hospitals also need volunteers to work in their gift shops, cafeterias, laundry areas, and administrative offices.

If you would prefer a paying position in the medical field, then you may want to check into the field of medical transcription. This position, in which you listen to recordings made by physicians and transcribe their notes and reports, requires only one to two years of training and offers flexible hours and no physical exertion. Often you can work at home, making as much as $20 per hour!

If you have experience in a clerical field, you may want to apply it to a new job as a receptionist or office manager in a doctor's office, hospital or medical center. You'll be using skills that you learned and perfected during the course of your work life, and for a solid purpose: helping doctors, nurses and patients when they need it the most.

Another prime job opportunity for seniors, especially those with care giving or even basic homemaking experience, lies in the field of non-medical home health aides. These trained professionals, working under the supervision of Registered Nurses, enable patients to convalesce from the comfort of home, by providing personal care and homemaking services. By playing a vital role in the lives of these patients, non-medical home health aides (who require only one year of training and certification) can earn both respect and good money; earning as much as $100 per hour, depending on individual case circumstances.

Regardless of their experience or interests, just about any senior can find meaningful work in the medical profession. And through a career in the helping field, you can fill your golden years with infinite personal satisfaction and a great sense of accomplishment. Put aside the golf clubs and check out careers in the medical field today!:)

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Medical Careers Mentioned

  • Home Health Aides
    Salary: $20,460
    Job Prospects: A+
    Education After HS: 0 years
    # Employed: 892,410
    Part Time: 24%
  • Medical Transcriptionists
    Salary: $32,060
    Job Prospects: B
    Education After HS: 2 years
    # Employed: 86,200
    Part Time: 23%

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