New Medical Schools May Be Coming Near You

Even though the economy is rough and times are tough for a lot of institutions there ARE medical schools popping up and one might be coming to a community near you.

Remember that you shouldn't think that only established medical schools are the places to go. Many medical schools NEED satellite campuses to train their students because they have many students, need more space, and want to reach colleges and universities that have a high number of "pre-med" students. This raises two important points that should give you some solace in choosing medicine as your trade. If you look through the job descriptions here at you'll see that there is a huge life-commitment involved in going to medical school. This life-commitment doesn't have to take you far from home or far from college.

If you are thinking of training in medicine you should consider going to ANY campus that works for you. Many times there are instances where the advice will be to "avoid profession X" because of the time or job prospects involved. However, if a medical school plops down near you there are some opportunities that will fall right in your lap.

With a medical school comes Doctors and with Doctors come jobs. Those Doctors may want to work in the community and may open a practice or join a practice. Those practices will need more nurses and aides. Those offices will need more clerical staff. The medical school itself will need a staff.

If you're thinking of enrolling you may be able to work part-time on-campus so that you can help put yourself through school. It's not uncommon for medical students to work very hard before they begin heavy rotations and internships. Also, if you are not interested in moving far from home then you could just settle in to a place that makes you feel more comfortable. Comfort is a factor in going to school. Being near places that are familiar or friends and a support network may ultimately be just as important as the name of the school on your degree.

Don't get stuck in the mindset that says, "If I don't go to an Ivy League school then I'm an idiot". I know, from personal experience, that all medical colleges produce great doctors and I have friends who have attended such schools that are not "mainstream".

Plus, if you are nearer to home you probably are going to have an easier time paying for school. Rarely does it happen that you are in the perfect environment when you are in school. Add to that the intense stress of medical school and you could really take a wallop.

Being able to work at the smaller campus, stay near home, be a little more financially stable, and get the medical education you want are SO key to your success in the long-term.

Please do your homework before you run off to school. There may be a place that suits you perfectly right around the corner and you don't even know it!

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