Take The First Step and Become a Nursing Assistant

A lot of times it's really hard to punt your life and just go to school for a few years to become an RN.

It's also really hard to live when you probably need a job while you're in school. Well, there are plenty of places in the medical community where you can, basically, train on the job for your future career whilst making a living so you can go to school. A prime example would be working as a Nursing Assistant. Let's take a peek.

Registered Nurses need to complete at least a 2-year program to get licensed and that can be prohibitive for some folks who can't just run off and go to school. However, if you're taking night classes or taking a course schedule that isn't as "fast" as normal then you could be working as a Nursing Assistant and learning on the job (plus, reinforcing what you're learning at school.)

If you are out looking for a job and you make mention that you are in Nursing School then employers will look much favorably on you because they know you are serious and they could hire you when you get done with school. Since there are over 200,000 open nursing jobs in this country most employers are going to do whatever it takes to get you in the door and keep you.

Some companies go as far as offering tuition assistance or making sure your schedule fits your academic needs. They know that if you are studying to become a nurse it will go much more smoothly if you're working for them AND going to school at the same time. This makes you a much more attractive candidate for nursing jobs and your employer gets a really well trained nurse when you finish school.

To review:

  • - Get a job as a Nursing Assistant
  • - Go to Nursing School (we NEED more nurses!)
  • - Learn on the job
  • - Finish school (Maybe even get your employer to pay for some of your education)
  • - Get hired right off the platform at graduation
  • - Make your resume look great with your Nursing Assistant experience
  • - Enjoy a great career!

Now, get out there and take the bull by the horns. If you never thought you could get through Nursing School now you know there is a way. (A good one!)

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