We've Got 200,000 Unfilled Nursing Jobs?

The stark reality in the medical community is that while some fields tend to saturate a given city or market other fields can NEVER be completely filled and that fact is the genesis for the title of this article.

We have about 200,000 unfilled medical jobs in nursing alone in this country. (Actually, it's more like 216,000 if you want me to count them all out for you.) Because of this President Obama signed legislation in February that offered up $200 million for nursing training and staffing. The need has become so urgent that the President has had to address one specific segment of the medical community with $200 million of their own money. Wow!

Because of the President's "jump to action" and the pressing need for nurses this is a good time to go into medicine. We can deduce from these statistics that nursing is not the only field where we are lacking in manpower, but certainly nursing would be a good place to start. Look at the President's proactivity and do some of your own.

If you want to be a Doctor but you can't just go straightaway to Medical School then maybe you should train for nursing and work as a nurse (because you should have an easy time finding a job) and then go to medical school. At the same time you will be informed by your work as a nurse and you will learning everyday in your medical school training.

Perhaps you weren't sure what kind of medical career to get into, but you knew you wanted to get into a field where you can advance yourself easily. Guess what, nursing is it. With a nursing shortage you can get your foot in the door easily. Plus, because you'll be one of the first in the door if you act soon then you can be one of the first to get promoted and begin working in more specialized fields or supervise other nurses.

Take advantage of the President's generosity ($200 million) and get in while the water is still warm.

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