Training Isn't Just For The Gym

With there being such a fitness craze in America with the advent of "The Biggest Loser" and other workout shows it's pretty easy to see a reason to go to the gym.

Some people even work at the gym as personal trainers or class instructors. However, not everyone in fitness works at the gym. Some companies are ponying up to make sure their employees are fit and well. We have police departments who don't want to have donut-eaters on the force anymore and cubicle cats who need to get out and stretch their legs. You don't have to be a "Bob" or a "Jillian" to do this kind of work or to be effective.

Some people who have certifications in certain fitness areas don't just work at gyms or studios. I have a friend who gives Yoga and Pilates classes at more than one government office building. I know another who offers them at a school. Who do you think pays for this? The school and the government.

So, how does this work? Well, for some classes you've got to be licensed or certified to teach the classes. However, there are some things that may just run right down your alley. For example, are you a veteran?

Well, if you're a veteran then you have been to one of the most popular fitness classes in the country--only you didn't think it was a fitness class. Boot Camp.

Boot Camp is the catch-all phrase for getting your butt kicked by an insane instructor. Well, don't have to be insane and you don't have to be Harvey from Celebrity Fit Club. You just have to be experienced. Now, is this going to work everywhere? No, but there are companies who will pay to have an experienced veteran train their employees or offer classes to keep their employees fit.

If you enjoy this type of work, you can also go for some schooling and become an Athletic Trainer.

Now, this isn't always a good lunchtime thing, but there are tons of office buildings with gyms. There are tons of offices with showers and the like. Perhaps this is something you do before these folks actually go in to work. Many of them wake up early to go to a gym--well they could wake up early and go to work and just work out before they hit their desk or cubicle. Now a bad deal right?

Now, if you're a veteran and you're thinking--I'm not a fitness professional I want you to remember one thing--in this kind of setting you don't HAVE to be and:

Your Drill Sergeant wasn't a fitness professional, was he?

Ok, just checking.

So, don't think you aren't credible--all you have to do is find one business who will let you teach a class and then you're an experienced instructor.

Take that one class and parlay it into a larger business. You might find yourself doing classes at multiple businesses during the week and even doing other classes on the weekend for the hardcore employees. Now, this can't always replace the steady income of working at a gym or something of that sort--but you get the idea--it could really work.

Perhaps you'd like to work with people to regain their physical fitness after an accident or an injury. If so, then you could become a Physical Therapy Aide without any training. Then, through a one or two years of school, you can work your way up to Physical Therapy Assistant which pays pretty well. If you'd like to, then you could go through some more schooling and become a Physical Therapist.

If you're thinking that Boot Camp was just hell on earth--then you might want to rethink. It could be the ticket to a new career--who knows--maybe we'll see you on TV really soon!

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    Job Prospects: B-
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    # Employed: 61,820
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    Job Prospects: B
    Education After HS: 6 years
    # Employed: 167,300
    Part Time: 20%

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