What Can We Expect With Healthcare Reform?

Well, healthcare reform is here and now there are some things we should expect.

First off we need to talk about what will happen when a whole bunch of people get insurance and start going to the Doctor more often and going less to the Emergency room. It's going to mean more than sitting on a sticky plastic table with a thin piece of paper between your butt and the table for 45 minutes. Some Doctors are already overworked. How will we see things change?

Your doctor is going to get busier. Even is he's a small-time guy he's going to start getting more patients. This means that you are going to see more Nurses and Medical Assistants in the doctor's office. Do you need work? Perhaps you could be an medical assistant or clerical worker at the office. You know people are coming in. You know how full the waiting room is getting. You see how torn up the magazines are because there's 5 billion hands touching them everyday. Without you they'll never know--or someone will sit in a waiting room for hours to no avail.

Next, your insurance company is going to get busier. There will be more paperwork to be handled and more eyes to look at all that paper. If an insurance office or company has an office near you then you should see if they need clerical help. This doesn't involve direct patient care, but it does involve work and that's what this site is all about.

What about when you head to the pharmacy? Well, the pharmacy will be busier than ever. Plus, it won't just be because they have lots of people and need more Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians. That drug manufactures will need more workers too. If you live near a testing lab or manufacturer then they may need more help and soon!

Also, that drugstore you went into is going to get busier and they'll need people just to work in the store. They'll also need people to work in management because there will be so many more people working in the store and the store will be making so much more money on its own.

Also, places that offer training courses and degrees will start filling up with applicants and students. That's a lot of applications to go through and a lot of clerical work to be done just to get these people trained. You could easily step right in and become an office worker or admissions assistant. Also, these schools need help with job placement so you may be just the person to help students with finding a job themselves.

What if the emergency room you walk in to is suddenly flooded with people who need to get signed in? You could be a clerical worker there. Hospitals are going to need help getting patients in the door and helped because the hospital needs to know that there are people who need to be helped.

Just think about how the system is going to grow as more patients hit the market. It's an exciting to use your imagination and go where the work is--and that's where the people are.

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  • Medical Assistants
    Salary: $28,300
    Job Prospects: A+
    Education After HS: 1 years
    # Employed: 475,950
    Part Time: 23%
  • Pharmacists
    Salary: $106,410
    Job Prospects: A+
    Education After HS: 8 years
    # Employed: 266,410
    Part Time: 16%
  • Pharmacy Technicians
    Salary: $27,710
    Job Prospects: B
    Education After HS: 0.25 years
    # Employed: 324,110
    Part Time: 21%
  • Physicians and Surgeons, All Other
    Salary: $161,468
    Job Prospects: A-
    Education After HS: 11 years
    # Employed: 262,850
    Part Time: 8%
  • Registered Nurses
    Salary: $62,450
    Job Prospects: A+
    Education After HS: 2 years
    # Employed: 2,542,760
    Part Time: 21%

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