What Does This New Phase Of Healthcare Reform Mean For Jobs?

After the President's summit on healthcare there isn't a lot more momentum for legislation in Congress other than the possibility of the Democrats forcing it through. What does this mean for the jobs market?

I think it means we can expect jobs to happen SOMEWHERE. Where that somewhere will be is a good question to ask, but think about it. There will be either an initiative that pushes more people to purchase health insurance or perhaps some kind of reforms on the system...so something will happen. Let's talk about what.

First off, let's get to the most ridiculous notion. A Senator suggested that the government hire secret-agents to catch fraudsters in the system. Well, let's be honest...you won't be hiring secret-agents like James Bond. I don't think you'll be blowing up a "house of fraud" and then catching a plane to "Meeahmi" afterwards like 007 did in "Dr. No". However, what if you were...

A medical coder or transcriptionist. What if you were a skilled coder or transcriptionist who could detect fraud that is "on the books"? It would be conceivable that you might be able to move up the ladder and get a job for an insurance firm helping them in a loss-prevention role. That would be pretty cool, and I'm sure it would pay well too!

What if you were in school and trying to decide what sort of field you wanted to get into? You know, if you were in school to become a nurse and you weren't sure what "kind" of nursing you wanted to do then you might want to look at the news. Reports are going to come out every day of new facilities being built, new grants being awarded, and new jobs being created. Use Google and type in medical jobs and the name of your community. You will probably get some news reports of medical job happenings near you. These happenings could easily shape where you will point your training.

If you haven't started yet then you could let the news guide your career path. If a new radiological clinic is being built then maybe you should go to school for Radiologic Technology. If a new testing laboratory is being built then you could go to school as a Lab Tech. If a new clinic is opening then you could get a job as an orderly while you go to school. Putting your foot "in the door" might allow you to get a job in your chosen field at the new place.

Don't be fooled by the sad job figures. Jobs are out there and there is SOMEONE reporting on them. Take a look around and let the waves pull you in to the field that is most popular at that moment. When I say you should "settle" in I don't mean that you are taking less than what you deserve...but I AM saying that you should let the rising tide bring up ALL ships...including yours.

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