What Will Happen When Patients Hit The Market And You Have Healthcare Training?

If you already have healthcare training and you're looking to stabilize the work you have or go to a place where the work is more stable then you need to think about what will happen when a bunch of new patients hit the scene and need to be cared for.

First, Doctors are going to get busy--as we've said before. Well, every time a Doctor gets busy they'll need medical assistants, aides and clerical staff who could just walk in and get something done. However, they'll also need nurses and nurse practitioners to see patients. If you think about it--in some places you never get seen by the Doctor unless you absolutely have to.

So, if you're a nurse or practitioner and you see that a Doctor's office is overflowing then that's the spot to jump in and help. Many times you'll see the patients and the Doctor may not see them at all or only long enough to make sure the nurses aren't crazy. IF that's the case then there are going to be more spots in the system for nurses and more places for them to work.

Just like in the case of someone like a Dental Hygienist it would then become easy to work part-time in two different places so you can make more money. If a Dentist's office spawns another office then you can work in both. Pick up more hours and make more money.

If you find that the Dentist's office is getting crowded that would be for the same reason. Since one of the big plusses of Dental Hygiene work is the ability to work in more than one place it would make sense that a Dentist would open more than one office. Well, if that Dentist opens more than one office you'll have to have one boss. This is a plus over the current system where you work for more than one person. It pays really well, but it's hard to have two bosses sometimes.

Also, if you work at a hospital and the hospital needs to hire more workers then you might someone who gets promoted to management because of the need to hire so many new workers. Those new workers have to be trained and they have to have someone around who knows the ropes. If you already know what's going on then you're just right for a entry-level management job!

The upside here is that everyone gets to move up in the world and not have to kill themselves to find a job. Sure, some places will be harder than others, but as soon as people start going to the Doctor more regularly this industry is going to heat up and if you're already in it then you are well on your way to some fun new horizons in medicine!

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  • Dental Hygienists
    Salary: $66,570
    Job Prospects: A+
    Education After HS: 2 years
    # Employed: 173,090
    Part Time: 55%
  • Dentists, General
    Salary: $142,870
    Job Prospects: B
    Education After HS: 8 years
    # Employed: 85,910
    Part Time: 17%
  • Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses
    Salary: $39,030
    Job Prospects: A-
    Education After HS: 1 years
    # Employed: 730,500
    Part Time: 18%
  • Medical Assistants
    Salary: $28,300
    Job Prospects: A+
    Education After HS: 1 years
    # Employed: 475,950
    Part Time: 23%
  • Physicians and Surgeons, All Other
    Salary: $161,468
    Job Prospects: A-
    Education After HS: 11 years
    # Employed: 262,850
    Part Time: 8%
  • Registered Nurses
    Salary: $62,450
    Job Prospects: A+
    Education After HS: 2 years
    # Employed: 2,542,760
    Part Time: 21%

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