Who Enforces The Rules Anyways?

There are the "Red Flag Rules" coming up which are going to be in place to protect patients from having their identities stolen at the Doctor's office or in the transmission of information.

However, there's a few things to keep in mind about this. First, the rules ARE meant for patient safety even if they don't come across that way. Plus, the rules are relatively simple to enforce and don't necessarily require a task force to watch over them. So, where do you fit in to this?

Well, you see, a Doctor's office may have a need for more clerical staff. You may have wanted to be a Medical Assistant or a Nurse, but that just isn't happening--for whatever reason. However, you want to stay in medicine and you happen to know quite a bit about the process and the ins and outs of the medical industry. Well, you might be the perfect person to help with this.

Now, it's possible that certain businesses--like Doctor's offices--might be exempt from the rule--but what if they aren't? Plus, what if you run a place like this and you want to enforce the rules anyways?

It doesn't go as far as just checking patient ID's to make sure the right person is paying for the right thing with the right credit card--although that's part of it. There's going to be a host of processes and procedures in place that will allow for patients to be safeguarded--even if those processes and procedures tend to be time-consuming.

So, let's say you get hired and the office is starting to implement these new rules--then take charge and say you'll get it taken care of. Also, if you're interviewing for a clerical job then you need to really think about how you can let the office know that you understand these rules and you're ready to be a team player to help get them implemented.

You see, people are watching, but they aren't checking every 5 seconds. This means that the staff of the doctor has to be in compliance with the rules all the time--because it's their job to keep track.

How does this benefit you? Well, it brings to you a certain sense of responsibility and that also means that if you had to go looking for other work you could easily put these kinds of things on your resume:

"Coordinated Red Flags Rules Compliance"

Don't you think that's going to look good when people are trying to figure out who is the most versatile and who can bring the most to the job? I'll bet you anything that most HR people in the medical industry will be dying to hire you just because you have an understanding of this newfangled stuff.

So, it sounds intimidating and you may not even work with it yet, but you can use these new rules to your advantage. They can be the catapult that pushes you into a new job with new confidence. Don't get scared--use the new rules to your advantage and let your career take off.

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