3 Medical Jobs You Can Do From Home

Medical jobs are not all in hospitals, clinics, or treatment centers. In fact, there are some medical jobs you can do from home because of the evolving nature of the medical industry.

With every new advance in technology there comes a new way for folks to work from home. It isn't JUST the obvious things, but there are a few jobs that can be handled from home and you can easily work out your schedule to work AROUND your life while making an income. I know it seems strange so let's take a look.

Medical Transcription is the first job on the list and it is the most obvious. Doctors and medical professionals take down copious notes everyday AND they take audio notes as well. So, you have a doctor who has bad handwriting and who speaks in a funny accent. However, he doesn't have time to make his notes pretty so that's where you come in. Most medical transcription can be had through a service, but certain hospitals and large practices hire transcriptionists that they can just e-mail work to so it can be done at home and e-mailed back. This is the perfect job for stay at home moms or people who don't get around too well. Also, you may just like being at home--that's certainly a good reason too.

Next is Medical Coders. On patient's charts there are numerous codes that insurance companies use to denote what treatment and services a patient received. For billing purposes those codes have to be correct and squeaky clean so that the insurance people can read it and offer the proper reimbursement. Now, this isn't just to get the patient to pay the right amount...it's also about getting the Doctor and hospital paid the right amount. Coding is not just about keeping it clean, but it's about getting it right. So much of it does require some memorization and if you have a good memory then you'll be in luck.

Counselors and Therapists are the last folks who can work from home. Now, not all Psychiatrists and Psychologists work in offices and "Growing Pains" was partially based on reality because you CAN have your office in your home. This provides you with a chance to stay at home with your family, to keep your from driving all over town to see patients, and it keeps your surroundings nice and "homey"--not sterile like an office. Also, counselors and therapists could easily do video sessions where you can teleconference with a client. This is especially helpful to clients who travel a lot and sometimes need your advice right then and there and can't wait two weeks to fly home from Pango-Pango.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to work at home and they aren't JUST clerical. You can diversify your work with work from home that still pays you and keep your close to your family. Just take a look around and see what comes your way. It could make you much more comfortable AND change your life.

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