Should I be a Pediatrician? Doctoring to the smallest patients

Anyone who has a great love for children is bound to, at one time or another, consider a career in pediatrics. What could be better than to be a doctor who caters to young people, helping to sustain their health and youthful energy?

It's true, the job of Pediatrician is a great career choice. By curing the ills of their precious children you earn the respect of families, and of the entire community. Perhaps more important, you're making a difference in the life of a child.

As an added bonus, Pediatricians make an average of more than $145,000 a year; an impressive sum, especially in today's economy.

All that said, not everyone can or should be a Pediatrician. This is a challenging field that requires long hours, as many Pediatricians are on call evenings and weekends, as well as a great deal of dedication and commitment.

In order to be a Pediatrician, you must have both a kind heart and a strong stomach. Your young patients are likely to be frightened and uneasy in a doctor's office, medical center or hospital environment; you must ease their minds with a kind smile and warmly spoken words. It also helps if you can make them laugh, and have some stickers and suckers on hand!

At the same time, you must steel yourself against the diseases and afflictions that many children face. No one likes the thought of a sick child; and the sight of a tot afflicted with cancer, MS or another dehabilitating disease is bound to pull at your heart strings. Even so you have to stay strong, for the sake of your patients and their families.

Also keep in mind that, while children are both sweet and adorable, they are not the most mature or cooperative of patients. They are likely to cry, complain and maybe even lash out during the course of their appointments; it's important that you keep your cool at all times, working with the child's parent or guardian to control the situation.

Sure, every Pediatrician should like kids. You also have to like school, as it takes an average total of 11 years to train for this career. This includes four years of college, four years of medical school, one year of a pediatrics internship, plus two years of a pediatrics residency. During this time you will be faced with some difficult coursework, including math, science, biology, etc. Your schedule will be consumed by your work and studies, sometimes even taking time away from your family and friends.

Before entering the pediatric field, you must seriously consider the qualifications, requirements and commitments associated with this branch of medical science. If, after a period of serious reflection, you do indeed decide that a career in pediatric medicine is right for you, then feel free to pursue this profession with all your heart and skill. Children and families always are in need of caring, qualified doctors; check out a career in pediatric medicine today!

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