Feeling Social? Work in Medicine!

We've got all kinds of people in the world: Short, tall. Big, little. Loud, quiet.

I think it's that last one that gets misinterpreted. The quiet people are introverted and the loud people are extraverted. It's pretty easy to say that medicine is ONLY for people who are introverts or ONLY those who are extraverts. So, let's talk about some jobs that are really helpful to the that need some social interaction of they'll go crazy. No, I don't just mean being around people...I mean handling people and dealing with people. I think there's a fine line and distinction. Come see...

The first job that springs to mind is a lab technician. I'm not talking about sitting in a lab all day and running tests. That would NOT fit this line of thinking at all. Now, what I'm talking about is a lab tech who collects samples and delivers them to the lab. If you're in and out of the lab all day long you'll learn just EVERY person in the place you work. Usually this is a hospital, so you'll pass lots of patient rooms, lots of nurses stations, and lots of doctor's offices. You can be the person who always greets new patients when you pass their room. You can know who everyone is and be able to get other things done for THEM too. This makes you the dependable person that everyone respects. Not bad when you turn your socialness into success!

Next is a Psychiatric Aide. Now, I know what you're thinking, but you have to remember that Psychiatric Aides are the people who get close to patients in mental facilities and gain their trust. Plus, a lot of those people aren't really crazy...they're struggling. So, if you want to befriend some people who just need someone to listen and someone to interact with then you've found your niche. If you're super-friendly you can easily make someone's day, week, or month just by saying hi and listening to them....then engaging them in conversation.

One more that immediately comes to mind is a General Surgeon. I know that there are lots of different kinds of Doctors and lots of different surgeons, but the General Surgeon is the one who is exposed to the most people and the largest variety. Anyone who comes in and needs help sees you. Anyone who is emergent sees you. If you not only want to meet people but want to serve a large number of people then you can be the "friendly surgeon" that calms people's nerves AND gets the job.

In all of these jobs you have the chance to not only meet people but to make lifelong friends. Medicine is a place where you meet thousands of people, but sometimes you miss out on the friendships. Try these jobs and make those friendships longlasting!

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  • Medical and Clinical Laboratory Technicians
    Salary: $35,380
    Job Prospects: A+
    Education After HS: 2 years
    # Employed: 149,670
    Part Time: 18%
  • Psychiatric Aides
    Salary: $26,560
    Job Prospects: A+
    Education After HS: 1 years
    # Employed: 59,050
    Part Time: 24%
  • Surgeons
    Salary: $271,771
    Job Prospects: A-
    Education After HS: 10 years
    # Employed: 47,070
    Part Time: 8%

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