Medical Jobs For College Graduates - Who Didn't Graduate In Medicine

Lots of people make their way through college, but when they get out it might be hard to find a job.

Well, the easiest way to combat these problems is to know which jobs you can get in a particular field with a college education. It doesn't even matter what your degree is just matters that you finished college, right? There are a couple not-so-obvious jobs that will be very helpful to you because they still exist in mass quantities in this economy. Plus, if you spent all that money on a college education you need to get a return on your investment somehow. Now, I'm not saying you should abandon your dreams, but you may find some new ones in the medical industry.

The first job that everyone should think of pharmaceutical and medical equipment sales. Now, these jobs aren't easy, but they can pay well and provide good benefits. Also, this job isn't REALLY any different than working in retail. You have a target audience and they need to buy stuff from you in order for your employer to make money. Many of these companies pay salary plus commission which means you won't be drowning if the market goes cold. They wait for you sometimes to turn things around. Also, if you are very good you may be able to get into management of other salesman and you'd be climbing the corporate ladder.

Next is a job that will really speak to a lot of people--office management. Every hospital, Doctor's office, and medical facility needs a clerical staff and every clerical staff needs to managed. Working in office management is a way to get good experience working in business while working in medicine at the same time. The best part of a job like this is that there are office managers EVERYWHERE in the medical industry. Every office, every clinic, every hospital, and every treatment center has an office--sometimes more than one--and those offices need a leader so the Doctors don't have to deal with it all the time.,

Finally, working in insurance is a good way to go. Selling insurance, managing insurance policies, working in claims for an insurance company, handling insurance claims for a hospital, and working as an insurance investigator are all jobs that a college graduate is capable of doing without every having thought of working in the medical industry. Of course, in insurance you may get pulled into things besides medical insurance, but that is a LARGE part of the industry. Plus, if you are working insurance you gain valuable skills that you can apply in and out of the medical industry to further your career and your wallet.

When you get out of school and it's tough looking for work don't get discouraged...just look deeper into the medical industry and there's certainly going to be a job for you!

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