Medical Careers for Moms

With their great knowledge and nurturing ways, mothers make ideal medical professionals.

And, as it turns out, certain medical careers are custom-designed for the bright, ambitious mom. Here are just a few examples of Medical Careers for Moms.

The career of nursing is ideal for mothers in a variety of ways, in that the job description for both roles are virtually identical. Both nurses and moms are nurturers who comfort people when they're sick, administer medication when needed, and make any adjustments needed in a person's environment to ensure their comfort. Both give direction well, and both provide advice and commonsense wisdom when needed.

The job title of Pediatrician is also ideal for enterprising mothers. Who knows children better than someone who has given birth to and raised a few of her own? Perhaps only a mother could truly have the incredible patience and innate knowledge needed to make a great children's doctor. Also, any child who visits a doctor that looks like Mommy is sure to feel more comfortable, as opposed to frightened and apprehensive, about the whole medical experience.

The same theory applies to the position of Obstetrician. Someone who has given birth to and cared for a baby will have an innate storehouse of practical knowledge regarding infants, their overall state of health, and their medical needs.

Of course, not all mothers will want to take on the grueling schedule that many doctors and nurses face. In this case, they may wish to pursue a career in pharmacology. By becoming a Pharmacist, a mother can apply her administrative and organizational skills to her job, as well as her healing, nurturing wisdom and even her cooking and preparation skills.

On a related note, who would make a better hospital Dietitian than a mother? Moms plan and prepare nutritious meals for their kids on a daily basis; by becoming a dietitian, she can put her nutritional knowledge to work.

Mothers also tend to be ideally suited for a host of administrative positions related to the medical field. Any mom who could write out a good grocery list or help a child with homework, for example, would probably make a good Medical Transcriptionist. Recording transcriptions of doctors' directions and prescriptions requires accuracy, sound writing skills and an attention to detail; skills that virtually every mother has mastered. As an added bonus, medical transcriptionists often work flexible hours and frequently work from home; these are definite advantages for the busy mom.

And by becoming an office manager in a doctor's office, a mother can use the organizational skills and strong work ethic she has cultivated for years in a professional setting. Any woman who can lead a car pool or a scout troop can organize an office; and anyone who can run a household can run a medical department.

Regardless of the specific job she chooses, virtually any mother can find a medical profession custom made for her. That's why Medical Careers for Moms provide ideal career opportunities for the modern mother.

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Medical Careers Mentioned

  • Dietitians and Nutritionists
    Salary: $50,590
    Job Prospects: B
    Education After HS: 5 years
    # Employed: 53,630
    Part Time: 33%
  • Medical Transcriptionists
    Salary: $32,060
    Job Prospects: B
    Education After HS: 2 years
    # Employed: 86,200
    Part Time: 23%
  • Obstetricians and Gynecologists
    Salary: $243,646
    Job Prospects: A+
    Education After HS: 12 years
    # Employed: 19,750
    Part Time: 8%
  • Pediatricians, General
    Salary: $146,040
    Job Prospects: A-
    Education After HS: 11 years
    # Employed: 29,170
    Part Time: 8%
  • Pharmacists
    Salary: $106,410
    Job Prospects: A+
    Education After HS: 8 years
    # Employed: 266,410
    Part Time: 16%
  • Registered Nurses
    Salary: $62,450
    Job Prospects: A+
    Education After HS: 2 years
    # Employed: 2,542,760
    Part Time: 21%

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