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What's In Store for the Veterinarian in the House

As a Veterinarian you no doubt love animals, and you no doubt enjoy trekking the aisles of your neighborhood pet stores; stopping to admire the cats, dogs, hamsters, birds, turtles, lizards, fish, and other potential pets in need of good homes. [Full Article]

A Nurse in a Box

The doc in the box healthcare clinic is a new and innovative type of medical facility that is finding its way into a number of pharmacies and grocery stores these days—and into the hearts of a number of patients who visit these clinics in search of quick fixes for everything from flu bugs to minor sprains. [Full Article]

Should I Be a Cardiologist?

The human heart is among the most essential organs in the human body. That's why the cardiologist is among the most respected and highly paid professionals in the healthcare industry. [Full Article]

Should I Be a Doc in a Box?

In today's busy world, 'doc in a box' healthcare centers are the new wave of medical care. These small clinics, found in supermarkets, drug stores and malls, and in the form of freestanding facilities, provide quick fixes for people suffering minor complaints. [Full Article]

I Am Woman, Watch Me Heal

Even in the age of equality, women don't always receive the respect, acclaim and job opportunities they deserve. That's why it's important to emphasize the success of women in the medical profession. [Full Article]

A Big Career in a Small Town: The Profession and Prospects of a Small-Town Doctor

Doctors who work in big cities tend to earn equally big salaries, have a huge patient base, and earn the respect of everyone in the community. Why, then, would anyone want to be a small town doctor? [Full Article]

What about managing patient records and checking patients in?

In the medical field, the title of Medical Clerk (or Medical Secretary) may not be as respected or revered as, say, the position of physician or nurse. Even so, it's an undisputed fact that health care facilities could not function without the presence and contributions of these trained, efficient professionals. [Full Article]

Delivering Tough News: The Responsibility of a Medical Professional

The medical profession is a place of progress, productivity and positive achievements. Every day doctors find new ways to make patients feel happier and healthier, and save lives on a regular basis. However, medical professional do have to deliver tough news to patients. [Full Article]

Should I Be a Podiatrist?: The Doctor Who Puts Patients Back on Their Feet

The position of Podiatrist may not warrant as much immediate respect as, for example, a cardiologist or oncologist. People may even make occasional jokes about "foot doctors," minimizing the importance of a vital field of medicine. [Full Article]

Medical Assistants: Helping your way to a better career

In the healthcare field, a Medical Assistant may not be considered as powerful or highly paid as a physician or nurse. But, they play a key role in making hospitals, medical centers and doctor's offices run smoothly. [Full Article]

Should I be a Pediatrician? Doctoring to the smallest patients

Anyone who has a great love for children is bound to, at one time or another, consider a career in pediatrics. What could be better than to be a doctor who caters to young people, helping to sustain their health and youthful energy? [Full Article]

Should I Be a Hospice Nurse?

One of the intrinsic joys of nursing is the knowledge that you are making people feel better; that, by working in conjunction with doctors and technicians, you can soothe and even cure their illnesses and conditions. [Full Article]

Should I Become a Veterinarian? The Ins and Outs of Veterinary Medicine

At some point during the course of their childhoods, most animal lovers consider a career in veterinary medicine. After all, they reason, what could be better than spending their days in the company of their beloved animals; maintaining their health and extending their life spans? [Full Article]

Heartfelt careers for the faint of heart

So you're a kind, loving person in search of a caring career. For those who have a true desire to help other people, a job in the medical field seems almost ideal. [Full Article]

Medical Jobs for the Older Set

Maybe you've reached a point in your life where you're seeking a new challenge; new horizons to conquer, new challenges to overcome. Retirement doesn't have to mean the end of your work life; quite the contrary, it's a time in your life when you can explore new options, perhaps in the health care field. [Full Article]

What Medical Jobs Can I Get Without a Degree?

So you have a keen interest in the medical field, but are not as interested in investing countless hours and dollars toward the pursuit of a medical school degree. As it turns out, you can have a successful career in the medical field without a degree. [Full Article]

From LPN to RN

What do I need to do as a LPN (licensed practical nurse) to become a RN (registered nurse)? Nursing encompasses a vast variety of skill and experience levels. Here's a brief guide for LPNs about how to become a RN.[Full Article]

Medical Careers for Moms

With their great knowledge and nurturing ways, mothers make ideal medical professionals. And, as it turns out, certain medical careers are custom-designed for the bright, ambitious mom. Here are just a few examples of Medical Careers for Moms. [Full Article]

Prenatal massage

Massage therapy is not necessarily a "one size fits all" profession. I know that a lot of us have an image of a small massage parlor with bad accents, but that's not all there is. For example, pregnant women need a massage every now and then too--but there are rules for pregnant massage. [Full Article]

Milk Experts Needed: Lactation Consultants

This one might sound a little strange, but believe me when I say that it is necessary. This one might work very well for you if you are a mom who already has children and you've breastfed. Lactation consultants are going to be in higher and higher demand. [Full Article]

What Does a Small Business Law Mean For You?

The President is calling on Congress to pass small business legislation that would allow for tax credits and other incentives for business that are small--and most are--that hire new employees. Let's take a look and see how your path in medicine can be helped by this bill. [Full Article]

New Specialties: Hospitalists

What in the heck is a Hospitalist? I know it sounds like some weird specialty from the future like in "Star Trek" where you cure Kidney Disease with a pill and cancer is thought of along the lines of the common cold. Well, it's not exactly like that... [Full Article]

Training Isn't Just For The Gym

With there being such a fitness craze in America with the advent of "The Biggest Loser" and other workout shows it's pretty easy to see a reason to go to the gym. You don't have to be a "Bob" or a "Jillian" to do this kind of work or to be effective. [Full Article]

Is The Doctor's Office The Place To Work Today?

It seems that things are taking an odd turn in hiring. Doctor's offices and practices are losing jobs while hospitals and larger facilities are gaining jobs. It's an interesting phenomenon--so what should you do? [Full Article]

Unionizing Medical Oddities?

So, what's this talk about workers in a Medical Marijuana business unionizing and what does that have to do with you? This is actually about protecting yourself once you find a job and making sure our feel as secure as possible at work. [Full Article]

Nursing degrees may give a leg up when job searching

For years the American healthcare system has been plagued by a shortage of nursing professionals, a problem that has only been exacerbated by the recent economic recession. [Full Article]

Job Duos That Can Pad Your Wallet

There are some careers in medicine that offer you the opportunity to work a "duo" of jobs to earn extra income and get more exposure and experience in your given field. Let's take a look at a few jobs that offer "duos" for you to earn more money...[Full Article]

Medical Review Is Going To Get Big Too

Some companies don't just work in insurance, but they work in the review of medical claims. Well, what exactly is medical review and how does that affect the system? [Full Article]

Number of Healthcare Jobs Still Increasing

The number of medical jobs will continue to increase as the economy rebounds. The healthcare industry--especially with new healthcare legislation -- is going to be adding jobs like crazy to help build up the system. [Full Article]

Some Medical Jobs Don't Even Exist Yet

As the medical community continues to specialize even more, we're going to see jobs that we've never seen before. There will be jobs out there that will make you turn your head and say, "Huh?"[Full Article]

How Do You Get Your Resume To The Right Person?

In today's' economy there are so many resumes and people out there, especially in a growing field like medicine, that you hardly can get a word in edgewise...because there are so many people jockeying for position.[Full Article]

Feeling Social? Work in Medicine!

We've got all kinds of people in the world: Short, tall. Big, little. Loud, quiet. So, let's talk about some jobs that are really fun for people who enjoy a lot of social interaction during their day. [Full Article]

3 Medical Jobs You Can Do From Home

Medical jobs are not all in hospitals, clinics, or treatment centers. In fact, there are some medical jobs you can do from home because of the evolving nature of the medical industry. [Full Article]

Going into Cardiovascular Technology without moving into the library

Cardiovascular Technology sounds like this mysterious profession that is only within reach of people who can pronounce it and who have been in school forever. Well, you don't have to be a professional student OR have excellent pronunciation skills to work in Cardiovascular technology. [Full Article]

Occupational Therapy Pays Off

I share an office with an Occupational Therapist .... when we talk it sounds like all the right moves can be made to make a career in Occupational Therapy safe, sound, and profitable. [Full Article]

Holistic Medicine Is An Option Too!

Many times holistic medicine gets a bad rap because of the "traditional" medical community thinks it's all quackery. Well, holistic medicine is legitimate and there are places to train in holistic medicine. [Full Article]

EMS isn't just about driving the ambulance...

Emergency Medical Techs and Paramedics are the frontline in emergent care. People who are in dire need must have quality care as soon as the ambulance pulls up and that care comes with a great deal of training and know-how. However, we haven't covered what is done by the EMS dispatcher and it is vitally important. [Full Article]

Dental Services Happen Outside Dentists Offices Too!

Dental services are offered in many places besides a Dentist's office and if you're smart you can work your way into the field of Dentistry or Dental Hygienics by simply watching what's going on around you. [Full Article]

New Medical Schools May Be Coming Near You

Even though the economy is rough and times are tough for a lot of institutions there ARE medical schools popping up and one might be coming to a community near you. Remember that you shouldn't think that only established medical schools are the places to go. [Full Article]

Electronic Medical Records Are a Reality

I think we've all seen the commercials that have come up around the Olympics touting the great idea of having your medical records be electronic and online for your Doctor to see. We've talked about how you can break into the medical community through computers, but let's get more specific about using computers to work in medicine. [Full Article]

More Healthcare Jobs in Education

Public Education systems are fine places to find jobs in healthcare that are outside of the sterile atmosphere of a hospital or doctor's office. I know that we've covered some opportunities in "educational medical jobs", but there are still more ways to work in education and healthcare at the same time. Let's take a look at other ways that you can work with kids, in a medical job, and in education at the same time. [Full Article]

Make No Mistake: There ARE Nursing Jobs

There have been reports coming out recently that hospitals in certain locales are running out of space for nurses and nursing jobs are not being created. This would seem to contradict the idea that medical jobs are going to grow, and discourage those who are in nursing school right now. Make no mistake: there are nursing jobs out there... [Full Article]

Obama Approves More Grants For Healthcare Training

It appears that an announcement is on the horizon from President Obama that will offer $975 million in grants to improve the use of technology in healthcare. This is good because most of the jobs that exist in the healthcare industry are entirely dependent on technology. [Full Article]

Apple iPad Tablet Could Bring Computer Savvy to Healthcare

Apple's new iPad computer is ready to make waves in the technology world as Steve Jobs' company hypes up it's new product. However, can't a new computer in an increasingly digital world provide more opportunities for medical providers and the computer savvy? [Full Article]

Can a Cardiovascular Technologist Make As Much As You Think?

When you get into the "meat" of you will find a great many professions that don't require an expansive amount of schooling. Thus, you might think that those jobs don't pay very well because, well, they don't require that much school. I'm here to tell you that you need to rethink the responsibilities and earning potential of some of these jobs. [Full Article]

HOT CAREER of 2024: Ultrasound Technician

It takes 2 years of schooling, pays an average of $61k per year, and you get to tell people whether they have a girl or a boy. Becoming an ultrasound technician can give you the best bang for your buck. This is why it is the hot career of 2024. [Full Article]

How I Spent My Summer Vacation: Learning about Medical Careers

These days summer camps come in all forms, themes and varieties....Did you know, though, that your kids also could spend their summer vacations learning about medical careers?[Full Article]

How Do I Become a Celebrity Doctor?

Turn on the television on any given day, and you will see any number of celebrity doctors; physicians, psychiatrists and other medical professionals who offer expert advice on talk shows, at national and regional seminars, in books, sometimes even on their own TV programs. [Full Article]

The Gift of Volunteer Service: Become a Hospital Gift Shop Volunteer

A hospital gift shop is a hub of activity in many medical centers across the country; and, more often than not, many of these shops are run almost totally by volunteer workers. [Full Article]

A Career in Medicine: It's Kid's Stuff

Every proud mom and dad would love to have a doctor in the family. Yet in an age when children idolize actors, singers and super models, how do you inspire a child to check out a career in the medical field? [Full Article]

Food For Thought: Careers in the Medical Field

Maybe you're a seasoned cook who feeds your family healthy, delicious meals on a daily basis. Perhaps you're a chef who wins rave reviews for your restaurant cuisine. Maybe you should seek a career in the medical field. [Full Article]

Healing Through Sleep: A Career in Anesthesiology

Maybe you have a proven skill for putting people to sleep. Instead of putting your skills to use as a bad comedian or a good hypnotist, why not become an Anesthesiologist? [Full Article]

Ensuring the Freedom of Movement: Becoming a Chiropractor

A Chiropractor holds one of the most important jobs in the medical field. This healthcare professional has the ability, not only to help people, but to empower them. [Full Article]

Should I Be an Emergency Room Nurse?

In virtually any hospital setting, an emergency room represents a vital nerve center of medical treatment and activity. This is the place where doctors and nurses make first contact with patients, determining and addressing their healthcare needs in a quick, efficient manner. [Full Article]

Medical Ethics: Putting the heart into healthcare

As you prepare to become a medical professional, you will be learning a vast wealth of practical information.Yet as you digest this literal body of practical medical knowledge, you must never forget to develop your heart and conscience as well as your mind. [Full Article]

Keeping It in the Family: The family that heals together, stays together

Family-owned businesses are a genuine cornerstone of American enterprise. Sharing a corporate endeavor can make any family stronger and more prosperous, as they keep their money and success "in the family." [Full Article]

Nursing: A Man's Job?

Watch a movie or a TV program set in a hospital. Or take a few minutes and visit your local hospital or medical center. Chances are that, in both situations, most of the nurses that you encounter will be of the female persuasion. [Full Article]

The Value of Volunteering

So you're thinking about entering the medical field, but you're not sure that you have the skills or education needed to launch a successful healthcare career. Or maybe you already have a good job, but are interested in devoting part of your life to some meaningful volunteer work. In either case, you never should underestimate the value of volunteering. [Full Article]

Should I Be a Psychologist?

Psychology is a lucrative field that offers many benefits and advantages for those who have a heart for helping. The fact remains, however, that this particular medical career is not for everyone. [Full Article]

Help from Home: Medical Jobs You Can Do at Home

So you're interested in a career in the medical field, but would prefer to work from home. Thankfully, the most caring profession does offer some jobs that allow you to help from home; as opposed to spending most of your time at a hospital, medical center or doctor's office. [Full Article]

What Does a Cardiac Sonographer Do?

Traditionally, a sonogram is a test that determines the health and well-being of a fetus in a mother's womb. The less known application of this time-honored technology led to the creation of an exciting career in the medical field; that of a Cardiac Sonographer. [Full Article]

Is a Medical Career Right for You?

For many people, a career in the medical field often is seen as an ideal proposition. Positions in this field are typically high-paying and highly revered; after all, what proud mama doesn't want to see her little boy or girl grow up to be a doctor? [Full Article]

Intake Specialist

What are they intaking? At the hospital I mean. They're taking in patients and someone has to be familiar enough with the systems to know how to get people in the system the right way so they can get the right treatment AND get billed correctly. What else does this entail? [Full Article]

No Bedside Manner Needed - Coroners

You ever wonder who the Coroner is or where he came from? I mean, is that a guy who went medical school just so he could cut up dead bodies all day and figured out how those people died? That's kinda weird right? So, what do they do? [Full Article]

Who Enforces The Rules Anyways?

There are the "Red Flag Rules" coming up which are going to be in place to protect patients from having their identities stolen at the Doctor's office or in the transmission of information. So, where do you fit in with this? [Full Article]

Ever Thought Of Selling Insurance?

Let me tell you a little tale. I have a friend whose father was a band director, but back in those days he hardly made any money. So, one day he decided he was going to sell insurance...[Full Article]

Running Routes: Jobs In Medicine You Might Not Have Thought Of

Well, there's so many jobs in medicine that we're going to be doing this for quite a while. It seems that every time I turn around there's a medical job that I had never thought of before. What is it? [Full Article]

Securing Medicine - A Job You May Not Have Thought Of

Well, my wife and I sat down to watch "Night at the Museum" the other day and I all have to say to you is, "Hey Dum Dum, you got my Gum Gum?" Nah, just kidding, but then it made me think. [Full Article]

Getting A Job Right Out Of School!

Sometimes going to school seems like all there is to do. You apply, you get accepted, you go to class, you graduate--that's it! Boom! You've got a job--right? Wrong. [Full Article]

Get Ready to Dive into School Again!

Many times the jobs listed here on require a little more schooling than you have and you might not be a spring chicken, and your jaw may crack when you chew(it's a "Golden Girls" reference), but you still want to be ready for school when that schooling comes around. [Full Article]

What Will Happen When Patients Hit The Market And You Have Healthcare Training?

If you already have healthcare training, then you need to think about what will happen when a bunch of new patients hit the scene and need to be cared for. [Full Article]

Are You Good With People?

Well, there's a reason as I ask that question. When the market gets hit with lots of new patients - some of them are going to need to talk to someone or get help from someone.[Full Article]

What Can We Expect With Healthcare Reform?

Well, healthcare reform is here and now there are some things we should expect. First off we need to talk about what will happen when a whole bunch of people get insurance and start going to the Doctor more often and going less to the Emergency room. [Full Article]

Medical Equipment Technology Could Be In Your Future

Medical equipment is manufactured everyday for use in hospitals, clinics, and Doctor's offices and that means that there is a lot of work to be done out there for someone who is mechanically inclined.[Full Article]

Medical Jobs That Appeal To The Lighter Side Of Things

Medicine is very serious and much of it can mean life or death for patients, but much of it can also be a little bit more lighthearted. There are jobs in medicine that require a lighter touch and a lighter sense of humor to make sure that patients and medical staff are kept upbeat and in good spirits. [Full Article]

Medical Jobs For College Graduates - Who Didn't Graduate In Medicine

Lots of people make their way through college, but when they get out it might be hard to find a job. Well, the easiest way to combat these problems is to know which jobs you can get in a particular field with a college education.[Full Article]

Medical Jobs For The Men Out There

Ok, guys medicine on one hand seems like a very masculine, "McDreamy" kind of profession until you go to the hospital and the only guys you see are Doctors and Janitors. I promise there are guys working all over the hospital, but you have to think a little harder about who's working in the hospital and what they might be doing. [Full Article]

Respiratory Therapy Could Provide a Breather

I know, I know, it's a pretty silly title, but if you think about it you could really get a breather working in Respiratory Therapy. It's one of those fields that can provide you with steady income and LOTS of different places to work. [Full Article]

Interstate-Healthcare Might Mean More Work For Everyone

In the increasing fight to overhaul healthcare there have been proposals to offer "interstate healthcare". Even if you don't live near a state line then you can still benefit from this potential reform and it may make sense you to also consider your healthcare career options in an "interstate" fashion. [Full Article]

Pay For Performance Is Coming

I've made light of the fact that doing tons of procedures is NOT exactly the best way to provide care for your patients. However, it does line your pockets. Well, because we are having this raging debate over healthcare then there are things that are coming "down the pipe" that won't be very nice to those who simply want to work in medicine for the money. [Full Article]

Medical Jobs Aren't Super Expensive For Stimulus Plans

When you hear all the fluff in the media about how expensive jobs are when the government is trying to create them - you may want to consider whether the job you want is really expensive to create or not. Construction jobs are very expensive because you have to spend lots of money on materials. However, medical and research jobs are fairly cheap to create and make a huge difference. [Full Article]

What Does This New Phase Of Healthcare Reform Mean For Jobs?

After the President's summit on healthcare there isn't a lot more momentum for legislation in Congress. What does this mean for the jobs market? I think it means we can expect jobs to happen SOMEWHERE. [Full Article]

You Can Make Your Own Opportunities In Healthcare: The Clinic

I just read the coolest article and I want to implore everyone who wants to get an opportunity in medicine to "take the bull by the horns" and make your own way if you can. There are just as many avenues for entrepreneurship in medicine as there are in the rest of the economy. [Full Article]

Healthcare Jobs Are Still Going To Grow

As often as we hear bad things about the economy we will STILL hear bad things about the prospects of medical jobs. Sometimes we make it seem as though all hope is lost and even "recession-proof" jobs are not "recession proof", but the fact remains that jobs prospects are still VERY good throughout the medical industry. [Full Article]

Lab Techs Can Work In More Places Than Hospitals

When we talk about Laboratory Technologists and Technicians we tend to think of working in a hospital or Doctor's office where test results come back quickly just like they do in the movies and on TV. The reality is quite different. As many jobs as there are in hospitals and doctor's offices there are many more at testing companies... [Full Article]

What Are "Bio-Medical" Jobs?

Bio-Medical jobs are those that exist in the gaps between patients and healthcare facilities. Patients don't make the drugs they take them, and Doctors don't make the drugs...they prescribe them. [Full Article]

Is there a morale problem for some doctors?

Some states are citing a lack of Doctors to work in their hospitals due to "morale issues" and this led me to ask a simple question: Who's got a morale problem? Yes, it's true that there can be discouragement from time to time in any professions, but what do Doctors have to be discouraged about? [Full Article]

Is Veterinary Medicine Worth It?

Veterinary Medicine seems like an appealing career to so many animal lovers until they go to the Vet's office and start to think about how the Veterinarian can make any money. True, you may not be working at a "cash cow" like an M.D. might, but you can certainly make a very comfortable living in Veterinary Medicine if you take a look around and see how well you can so in the business. [Full Article]

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