Apple iPad Tablet Could Bring Computer Savvy to Healthcare

Apple's new iPad computer is ready to make waves in the technology world as Steve Jobs' company hypes up it's new product. However, can't a new computer in an increasingly digital world provide more opportunities for medical providers and the computer savvy?

If you really enjoy computers, are already computer savvy, or you are in school for computer science you may want to think about the impact that ever-more-portable technology could have on your job hunt.

Apple's new iPad computer is supposed to be a touch screen computer that can function just as well as a regular PC or laptop, but in the palm of your hands. This kind of computer can quickly change the way we take, maintain and store medical information in the world's hospitals and doctor's offices. Imagine the ability to walk around with a computer that can record all the information you need for every appointment, every patient, every procedure, and every possible mishap. Now imagine that someone needs to know how to use these things.

Even though we have a shortage of medical professionals in the U.S. there are still MANY Doctors and "upper-level" medical professionals who are going to the grave at their job. Some jobs are so good that their current occupants will keep them for a lifetime. This also means that there are a couple generations of Doctors and medical professionals who did not grow up with computers and who are learning to use computers "on the fly".

If there are all those pros who are not "exactly" sure how to use this new technology then there needs to be a "taskforce" of people who fully understand these new computers (and computers in general).

This is different than just calling the "IT guy" who you've never met. The deployment of the new Apple iPad could flood medical offices with a new technology that could save thousands of man hours a year while helping to provide better patient care. However, it also brings with it the headaches of new technology and the desire for medical employers to hire "computer savvy" employees.

Besides of the fact that most hospitals and offices will want to have people on hand who know how to use new computers being a computer savvy young person is highly to your advantage.

If you are older, but you have experience working in IT or with computers then you would be highly desirable to work with these newfangled computers because the people in the office or hospital will always want a "go to person" for this new stuff.

Besides having computer savvy assistants around there also need to be MORE computer specialists in hospitals and doctor's offices to help everyone catch up with this new technology. Handheld computers that have touch screens can only save manpower if they can be used effectively.

So, if you like computers and you're already in line to buy a new Apple iPad computer then you might want to take that computer and go find a job in the medical industry. Someone's going to need help with those new computers and you might be just the person for the job!

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