Keeping It in the Family: The family that heals together, stays together

Family-owned businesses are a genuine cornerstone of American enterprise. Sharing a corporate endeavor can make any family stronger and more prosperous, as they keep their money and success 'in the family.'

Is it really possible, though, to own and operate a family-based healthcare business? The answer is absolutely and unequivocally yes.

If you search your local community, you are likely to find medical offices filled with doctors, dentists, psychiatrists and specialists who share a last name. They may be father and son, mother and daughter, husband and wife, cousins, or siblings. Perhaps their office is a virtual and well-known fixture of your community; one that has developed a longstanding reputation for quality healthcare service.

Indeed, people often prefer the homey atmosphere and trusted reputation associated with many family businesses, in any corporate category. And when it comes to choosing healthcare providers, comfort and trust are vital issues to every individual.

For example; if your doctor, dentist or psychiatrist is about to retire, wouldn't it be nice if they could refer you to a member of their family, someone whose experience, intellect and philosophies may very well mirror their own? You probably won't have to endure the inconvenience of changing medical offices and moving your records. More important, you will have a certain degree of comfort and familiarity with your new healthcare provider.

From the provider's standpoint, a family-owned healthcare business can provide you with a wealth of contentment, success and personal pride. Most people would love to say that 'there's a doctor in the family;' and where there are several, you can be assured of a pleasant and productive workplace...most of the time, anyway. It's important to note that, when family members work together, they likely will experience the same arguments and tensions inherent in almost every workplace. They may take their disagreements more seriously and personally than most co-workers would; worse yet, they may end up taking their troubles home.

Additionally, family-owned healthcare businesses face some special difficulties not common to most owners of standard mom and pop enterprises. If a family owns a candy shop or video store, for example, they may find it easy to train their children, spouses or siblings in their chosen line of work; allowing them to assume their own duties in the family business, and/or to someday assume ownership of this business.

On the other hand, any individual who wishes to become a doctor, dentist, psychiatrist, or any other healthcare professional must undergo a rigorous training regimen, going to school, earning degrees, and completing rigorous internships. It takes more than family ties to secure and maintain a successful career in the healthcare industry.

Yet if you and your family share a genuine passion for helping others, and also share a strong desire to share your life's work, then don't hesitate to join forces and make a true difference in the healthcare field. Check out careers in the medical profession today!

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