Medical Jobs For The Men Out There

Ok, guys medicine on one hand seems like a very masculine, "McDreamy" kind of profession until you go to the hospital and the only guys you see are Doctors and Janitors.

I promise there are guys working all over the hospital, but you have to think a little harder about who's working in the hospital and what they might be doing. No, they aren't hiding, but they ARE there. Men hold all sorts of positions in medicine, but sometimes they don't get talked about. Now, these are "manly" jobs, but you have to bear with me, ok?

The first job that comes to my mind is Clinical Lab Technician. Why? Well, one time I had a guy come to take blood for a health insurance screening. He was a HUGE dude and I asked--because I hate needles--if he was any good. He said he was in the military and did over 10,000 sticks a year.

Umm, can you get much more masculine than that? Confident, good at his job, and he probably knew how to run the bloodwork himself. Well, in a hospital that would be no different. Working as a lab technician gives you the opportunity to be the soothing male influence. You know, the kind of, "I'll handle this" presence that tells the patient it's cool because you MUST know what you're doing.

After that comes the next one that makes me cringe every time, but to me this would help a lot. You could work a Radiologic Technician. These folks handle the equipment that delivers radiation treatment to patients and though women can easily do the job you may feel like you're providing some extra help because you're a dude handling this big, powerful machine.

Now, if you don't want to handle the machine but you are mechanically inclined then maybe you should become a medical equipment preparer. Someone has to keep everything in the hospital working and ready to go at all times. If you're good at fixing things and learn fast then you could be the hospital's handyman. Now, this doesn't mean you're also fixing broken fans and busted light switches. You'll be handling all the equipment that needs to work and it needs to work now. Plus, in a job like that you could also work for the manufacturer. Not a bad deal!

Now, the last thing you need to remember is that no one is going to take you "man card" for working in a hospital. The scrubs come in black and dark blue and you'll be just fine. Also, it's probably not a bad place top meet women...I'm just saying.

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