Getting A Job Right Out Of School!

Sometimes going to school seems like all there is to do.

You apply, you get accepted, you go to class, you graduate--that's it! Boom! You've got a job--right? Wrong. Recent reports have shown that the Class of 2010 is going to have a hard time finding work. The unfortunate reality is that I can believe it--so even though the job trends will be looking up through 2020 we still have to look to the "right now" to see what can be done to secure gainful employment right out of school. WARNING--this article may contain non-medical options, but they are ONLY intended to help you if you find yourself in a desperate spot. We want you to get the medical job you want and we want you to get it now.

If you're a nursing student--like a lot of people--you've been interning and working alongside nurses and Doctors in a hospital near you and you likely made friends with someone who has privileges at another hospital near you, If you're lucky enough to get more than one job offer I would suggest taking the job that has the most room for advancement. Even if it pays a little less you know the hospital has room for you.

If think you'll have nowhere to go then you might be stuck in a place where they really can't pay you and you run the risk of getting laid off one day--that's bad! So, just be careful and do your homework--the internet is a great place, huh?

If you find that you're scampering for one job offer then you need to really focus your energy on that one offer. It's not uncommon to completely check in on the status of an open position, but you certainly can't just sit at home and wait for something to happen!

If you find that you don't know what you want and you're having a hard time deciding what area of medicine to work in--if you have options--then you need to make a decision that happens in your gut. Trust our instincts and go with it. I know someone who just graduated from Nursing school and she took the job that she wanted in her gut--not the one that paid a little more. She couldn't be happier.

Let's say you're having a hard time and there are no jobs out there for you. Well, remember that if you have a nursing degree--or something of the like--you might be a little over-qualified for some jobs. You could work as a home health aide or in some kind of nursing situation that is a little less intense than your standard nursing rotation.

Heck, you might even want to become a substitute teacher. You don't think all the science teachers in the area would want you? You guessed it--they'd love to have you.

As long as you're using your brain there's nothing you can't do. Sometimes you have to look past all the obstacles and decide what it is you truly want to do. Don't hesitate on the job you want--make sure you take the bull by the horns before someone else does and takes the job YOU wanted.

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