A Career in Medicine: It's Kid's Stuff

Every proud mom and dad would love to have a doctor in the family. Yet in an age when children idolize actors, singers and super models, how do you inspire a child to check out a career in the medical field?

Even at a very young age, toddler children can learn about the healthcare profession from storybooks and videos that talk about job options. 'Play Doctor' sets are also available, complete with rubber stethoscopes and plastic thermometers, that make medicine fun.

As a child grows older and enters school, a parent can encourage them to pursue subjects—everything from math to science to English—that would benefit anyone seeking a medical career. If a child enjoys these subjects, then he/she may be prompted to investigate this type of career further. If, on the other hand, they discover a talent for art, writing, or music, that's great too.

The teen-aged years are a time of great development for most people; the time when they begin to decide the true course of their lives. This is the time when a parent may wish to have a heart to heart talk with their child, encouraging them to explore their options. Within the context of this conversation, the parent may wish to inform the teen of the many benefits of a career in medicine.

Most teens would be thrilled to know that doctors and nurses make a lot of money, and earn a great deal of status and respect in any community. You also could remind them of the flexibility inherent within a medical career; regardless of their interest (be it heart health, women's or children's health, cancer care, animal welfare, mental health, etc.), they are likely to find a relevant specialty in the healthcare profession.

Of course, as much as you can appeal to a child's mind in regards to their career choices, you must reach their heart as well. You must make it clear to them that doctors help people and animals; that they make a difference, that they save lives. Many teens are socially conscious; let them know that, by being a medical professional, they have the ability—not only to make people feel better—but to discover or improve upon medical technology that can change their lives. Although it may sound dramatic, doctors and nurses have the opportunity to enhance or even change the world.

Once a teen makes a concrete decision to become a medical professional, he/she should select college courses that will help them attain their goal. The student may select a course of study in pre medicine, or at least classes in advanced science and math; the successful completion of these courses will determine the certainty of their career choice.

Every parent would love to have a doctor in the family. And while a medical career is not for everyone, your child might find that a future in the healing arts is just what the doctor ordered. Encourage your child to check out a career in the medical field today!

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