Dental Services Happen Outside Dentists Offices Too!

We talk a lot about medical services here at, but sometimes we overlook the dental field as we scramble for all that is new in the medical community.

Dental services are offered in many places besides a Dentist's office and if you're smart you can work your way into the field of Dentistry of Dental Hygienics by simply watching what's going on around you.

First, many free clinics or community health clinics offer Dental services. If they don't then the time is coming soon. Dental service requests are on the rise and facilities are working very hard to offer those services to patients who request them. It's not every day that you can go into a clinic and get a dental screening or cleaning or other service, but these services are necessary.

If you want to get into Hygienics then you may want to try working a clinic. If you think about it you can work part-time for a Dentist and part-time for a clinic. This can greatly increase your pay and experience. Because a clinic works differently you might be able to get into management at the clinic because it works on a different hierarchy than your Dentist's office. Also, if you would be interested in working in a clinic then you might want to see if any government grants or programs are set up through your local public health department. They usually employ Dentists and Hygienists to do free screenings at schools and for public. This takes a lot of time and requires dedicated workers. These workers tend do very well and in their work they can meet people who may also bring other job opportunities.

For example, if you go to schools a lot for screenings you may run into a Principal who knows of a job that is open working for the school system. You may be able to garner better pay AND hours this way. Or, you may be able to move into Public Health Management and the government might even pay for you to go back to school. That's not a bad deal if you ask me!

Also, dental research is also going on in many places. Pharmaceutical companies do make a lot of money on "mainstream" drugs, but they also have to develop drugs and products for the medical sector to help patients and Dentists get through the process as painlessly as possible. You might be able to parlay work as a Hygienist into a research job that might involve working with scientists or even getting into management of research.

Sometimes when you imagine working in Dentistry it sounds great until you imagine that the only thing you're going to do is clean teeth all day. However, a change of scenery and varied worked environments might just do the trick! Take a look around and your homework before you dive into Dentistry. You might find more waiting for you than you could have imagined.

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