Dental Hygienists Lead The Pack in Flexible Hours

First off I need to make clear that Dental Hygienists are not the only people who can find themselves some flexible hours, but they do have some of the most opportune flexible in any job that you could imagine.

Even though it might be a pain in your butt to have a schedule that isn't 9-5 you would benefit from a schedule that is almost completely of your own doing and so will your family, your education, or your social life.

If you're in school for something other than being a Dental Hygienist (Dental School, or some other sort of college) then you can easily get your schoolwork done (and go to class) around your work schedule. This isn't true simply because Dentists don't work everyday, but it is because Dentists keep hours that aren't "normal".

Also, if you just need to get out and LIVE then you will have a much easier time having spontaneous fun. If you work for a Dentist that doesn't work on Wednesdays and your friends suddenly call you up...then you're going out! If the Dentist you work for doesn't work on Fridays then Happy Hour is all yours!

Let's say you have a family and you might, you know, like to see them! Well, if you need to work full-time hours and Dentists don't work everyday, but you still want to be with your family, then you could always go to work for more than one Dentist. Since the average hourly cut is $32/hour then you could work for more than one Dentist on a part-time basis and, in essence, create a full-time job. Use THEIR hours to create a schedule that suits you and still make enough money to live. This sort of scheduling might also work for those who are in school because you won't have to starve while you're in school.

Now, I said that Hygienists lead the pack, but the pack has a few more folks in it...

Veterinary Assistants, Occupational and Physical Therapy Assistants, and Sonographers all can come in behind the Hygienists with some decent opportunities to work out a flexible schedule.

Vet Assistants work for people (Veterinarians) who keep odd hours just like Dentists. You could easily work out a schedule that suits you or even work at more than one Vet to "create" a full-time job.

Therapy Assistants (Occupational and Physical) do "assist" Therapists, but sometimes those Therapists don't need assistance everyday. Perhaps you could work a couple days for one therapist and a couple for another and, once again, "create" full-time work. Plus, since Therapists don't work all the time you won't be either.

Sonographers tend to occupy a small and dark room at an OB/GYN office and let women know how big their pending bundle of joy will be or what the sex of the baby is, but there are not people streaming in and out of the Sonogram room all day long everyday. In fact, many OB offices only offer Sonograms on certain days of the week. Well, if you need part-time work then you can take this job knowing you probably don't have to go in everyday. If you needed to "create" full-time work then you could easily work for more than one OB and end with a schedule that suits you better.

You see, they aren't quite as hot as Hygienists, but this "pack" isn't doing too badly either. Take a look around and remember that you can be in control of your own schedule...and your life.

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