Ever Thought Of Selling Insurance?

Let me tell you a little tale. I have a friend whose father was a band director, but back in those days he hardly made any money.

So, one day he decided he was going to sell insurance and start his own agency instead of suffering as an underpaid and overworked band director. He made out quite nicely. Now, what do you have to do to sell insurance. Well, you don't HAVE to have a college degree for it and what you really need is to be smart enough to figure out how the system works and hopefully find someone to train you. It's actually not as bad as you think.

So, you want to be an insurance agent. Here's the process my friend's family went through. His dad was a very successful agent and his agency was worth quite a lot of money. Instead of letting someone else take over he decided to sell the agency to his daughter and son-in-law.

So, this is what his daughter did. She took a training course through the insurance company after they agreed to let her take over. So, she spent about a year learning the ropes then she bought the agency from her parents for about $1 million. Don't worry, not all at once.

So, daughter buys the insurance agency and she's making so much money that she can afford 10 yearly payments of $100,000. Now, how did she get through the training program? With the help of her father.

How would you get through it? With the help of your local insurance agent and his staff. This means you can easily walk your way through the program in time while working for an insurance agent who has his own practice.

So, you're working for an insurance agent, you've gotten your license and you're just grinding the midnight oil. Well, guess what? Eventually you'll either be able to:

1. Buy the practice form your boss when he retires


2. Start your own practice with his blessing and probably even some clients you brought in along the way.

Now, don't feel like you'll be stuck with one company. Not everyone sells just State Farm or just Allstate. In fact, many agents have their own practice and sell the insurance that's right for their customers so they actually work with everybody.

This means you can diversify your practice and where is a lot of business coming from? Medical and life insurance.

This may not seem like the most common medical job, but insurance is going to be BOOMING soon because everyone in the country is going to have to be insured. Jump in now and figure out how to make your fortunes doing what everyone will need.


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