Get a Workout at...Work!

Ostensibly, we could say that everyone who works in the medical community gets a pretty good workout,

but we all know that that can be put to bed really quickly with lots of stress and a poor diet (usually necessitated by the incredible stress.) Well, some medical jobs DO get a lot more of a "workout" than others and if you're the kind of person who likes to be extremely active then these might deserve a look so you can find a job that pretty much suits your lifestyle. (Now, I do know that not everyone wants to be running around like a crazy person everyday, but these jobs provide the most physical activity.)

The first job here is probably the least obvious so I thought it bore mentioning right off the top. Nursing Aides, Orderlies, and Attendants do the brunt of the "grunt work" in any medical facility and this leads to A LOT of physical activity. Imagine the manual labor that goes into cleaning patient rooms, making sure the hospital itself is clean, helping patients into their beds, into wheelchairs, down the hall, running back and forth to get people the things they need (this usually happens when someone needs something done quick), and in general trying to help anyone who needs help. I'm not sure how many more calories you're going to burn at work, but it will definitely be something to write home about.

Physical and Occupational Therapists do more than just tell people to move their appendages and offer them advice on how to feel better. Nope, these Therapists have to get in the trenches and help people move their bodies, move their arms and legs, and show them exactly how things are supposed to work. The manual labor involved in showing someone exactly how to write with a pencil, use a pair of scissors, or walk is nearly insurmountable in the medical industry. Basically, whatever sort of workout you're giving your patients, you're getting one back twofold (at the least.)

Athletic Trainers fall into this same category. If you're an athletic trainer and you work guessed it...athletes then it stands to reason that you're getting just as much of a workout as they are when you are pushing them to the limit. (Ever watch "The Biggest Loser"? It's no wonder that Bob and Jillian are in such good shape. They beat people down for a living!)

Veterinarians have the dubious honor of trying to wrangle animals that don't want to be wrangled with, but that's their job. If Brutus (the 200 lb. Great Dane) doesn't want to get his shots then someone's got to help hold him down (and you'll be involved in holding down AND giving the shots...I guarantee it.) Veterinarians have to be very active or they won't be able to keep up with their patients (animals with lots of energy.) That's some serious business!

Finally, there are a couple professions that may not give you a "workout" but you are going to have to do some manual labor that will keep you somewhat active. Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and Recreational Therapists put alot of work into just their hands or just their arms or just their legs to get their jobs done and this will provide you with a partial workout, but not the intense workout you might get from one of the other jobs listed above.

Either way, take a look around and try your best to find a job that suits your lifestyle and you're bound to be much happier (and be more fit at the same time!)

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Medical Careers Mentioned

  • Nursing Aides, Orderlies, and Attendants
    Salary: $23,850
    Job Prospects: A+
    Education After HS: 0 years
    # Employed: 1,422,720
    Part Time: 24%
  • Physical Therapists
    Salary: $72,790
    Job Prospects: B
    Education After HS: 6 years
    # Employed: 167,300
    Part Time: 20%
  • Occupational Therapists
    Salary: $66,780
    Job Prospects: B
    Education After HS: 7 years
    # Employed: 94,800
    Part Time: 25%
  • Athletic Trainers
    Salary: $39,640
    Job Prospects: B
    Education After HS: 6 years
    # Employed: 15,070
    Part Time: 38%
  • Veterinarians
    Salary: $79,050
    Job Prospects: A+
    Education After HS: 8 years
    # Employed: 53,110
    Part Time: 10%
  • Chiropractors
    Salary: $66,490
    Job Prospects: B
    Education After HS: 8 years
    # Employed: 27,050
    Part Time: 0%
  • Massage Therapists
    Salary: $34,900
    Job Prospects: A-
    Education After HS: 0.2 years
    # Employed: 149,670
    Part Time: 42%
  • Recreational Therapists
    Salary: $38,370
    Job Prospects: C
    Education After HS: 4 years
    # Employed: 22,510
    Part Time: 16%

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