Holistic Medicine Is An Option Too!

Many times holistic medicine gets a bad rap because of the "traditional" medical community thinks it's all quackery.

Well, holistic medicine is legitimate and there are places to train in holistic medicine. The field may not allow for a lot of "mainstream" wealth and success, but it may offer a comfortable lifestyle doing something that you truly love and that you are truly passionate about.

Holistic medicine can cover a wide variety of fields that sometimes we don't think about. First, the place most people hear about holistic medicine is at the Chiropractor. I'm not saying that all Chiropractors are into holistic medicine, but they are a little more predisposed to it.

Holistic medicine is the place where the provider can offer care to the body, mind and spirit in an attempt to relieve pain and/or sickness. Though you see this a lot with Chiropractors there is a whole other field of Holistic Massage.

Holistic Massage is just another way for a Massage therapistz to parlay their training into more work and more opportunities to help patients. Holistic massage has a slightly different focus than traditional massage, and because of this there are dedicated holistic massage training schools. It's a new and unique way to break into medicine.

Also, some people use holistic medicine in the treatment of addictions. If you are a recovered addict or if you want to work in treatment clinics then you may be able to get training in holistic medicine to make yourself more attractive to potential employers. If you know more than one way to help people you're always going to get a second look from people who are hiring.

Adding holistic medicine to your current credentials may also be a good way to advance yourself if you already work in medicine. For example, if you are working as a Home Health Aide you may want to know something about holistic medicine. Why? Well, if a cranky patient wants someone to help them some holistic treatments that they read about on the internet who do you think is going to be assigned to be their aide? You! Moreover, if you worked in a nursing home or long-term care facility then every patient who wanted or needed some kind of holistic treatment could turn to you.

Knowing more than one way to help people will also make it easy for your employer to promote you. In a promoted position you'll be able to tell everyone how to perform holistic treatments and help patients who need holistic care. Taking the role of Supervisor only makes your training in holistic medicine more valuable as you work hard to give patients the care they need AND the care they want.

It's a big difference in "attraction" between holistic and traditional medicine, but if you are really passionate about holistic medicine you can make a great career of it if you stick to your guns and do what you love!

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    Part Time: 42%

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