Is The Doctor's Office The Place To Work Today?

It seems that things are taking an odd turn in hiring.

Doctor's offices and practices are losing jobs while hospitals and larger facilities are gaining jobs. Now, why is it that Doctor's offices are losing jobs and hospitals are gaining. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has some interesting findings coming out on that and we'll talk about where you should move in your job search or search for a different job as you notice that Doctor's offices aren't hiring and hospitals are. It's an interesting phenomenon--oh what to do!?

It seems that Doctor's are taking cut in Medicare pretty hard. The fact remains that there will be a 21% cut in physician pay in Medicare and that really stings. So, when you're a Doctor who owns his own business you're going to be reluctant to hire new people even if you need them because you're then going to be afraid if you can pay them. So, when looking for work you can still search doctor's offices, but make sure you do a couple things:

  1. Tell them how versatile you are. If they can get more out of you it won't hurt as much to play you because you'll be doing lots of different things for them.
  2. Be cognizant of the fact that there is a pending cut in Medicare payments and that will most assuredly signal to an employer that you are not stupid or greedy. Don't you think someone will appreciate the fact that you appreciate THEIR position just as much as you want a job.

When the reluctant employer looks at an understanding person they will be more likely to hire you and respect you. You might get worked to the bone, but you'll have a job and that employer will appreciate your presence. That's a pretty big deal when there are scarce few jobs opening up in Doctor's offices.

So, how come hospitals are hiring? Because they charge for all kinds of things--not just Doctors and that means that there is more cash flow than there would be in a private practice. However, sometimes you just don't know where the jobs are. Well, if you think about it they're advertised everywhere, but you kind of have to be willing to go inside the hospital.

Human resources doesn't have a drive-thru window. Some people don't want to be inside a hospital unless they have to be--working there, visiting a sick person, or being sick themselves. However, you're going to have to get over that and go inside. Ask where human resources is--don't let the receptionist tell you there are no jobs--you don't know until the person who hires says there aren't any.

You might be pleasantly surprised to find that there are jobs you want to do and that those jobs have room for advancement. If you can't find out through the hospital you can always see what the local unions are doing--they tend to know what's up and the least you can do is ask around and see what's happening.

Don't fear news reports--half the time they don't tell the whole story. Use the knowledge you got here and go out and find that job you want or need right away! You can do it! It's all about asking the right questions and saying the right things sometimes.

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