Medical Equipment Technology Could Be In Your Future

Medical equipment is manufactured everyday for use in hospitals, clinics, and Doctor's offices and that means that there is a lot of work to be done out there for someone who is mechanically inclined.

To make it even better--we don't just need folks in sales or in maintenance, but we also need people in development. Sometimes jobs are hard to come by and that means you have to look in unexpected places for work. Well, if you have training in engineering or computer science then you may have found a new friend in the medical equipment industry.

If you have knowledge of engineering then there is a place for you in the medical industry. That field is ALWAYS looking for people who can not only help design equipment, but people who understand how equipment will be used. So, you might already have a degree in engineering and you would be in the right place to work for a medical equipment manufacturer because you can help with design. Also, these same companies will need people who can help to plan HOW to install equipment in buildings and how to most effectively do so.

Yes, even hospitals work under building codes and those codes MUST be adhered to. So, who better than an engineer to come in from the manufacturer itself and say, "Put this here, do this, and everything's ok." Also, it would be wise to think about the fact that you could work on the other side in code enforcement. Hospitals and doctor's offices, etc. have to have their buildings up to code and you might be just the person to make sure the hospitals and doctor's offices have their equipment installed correctly.

Recently, a couple medical equipment companies have made the news because they were not able to produce the equipment that they needed to. You could help fill that void by applying right now or contacting the Human Resources department of a manufacturer and saying, "Hire me!"

So, what does this mean for you? Well, engineers are paid pretty well--especially since you have to have a college degree. Also, if the manufacturer REALLY needs to get some work done they are going to welcome you with open arms and perhaps even offer some incentives to get your booty in the door.

Of course, you can't work for more than one company, but you can certainly apply to more than one company. Also, if you can't get into design you could work in sales. Who better to know what to do with the sale of medical equipment than someone who could design it themselves?

Or, you could work in a hospital as the supervisor of equipment preparers. There needs to be someone on site with deep knowledge of the equipment and equipment design on the premises if the hospital doesn't want to be calling the manufacturer all the time for a service call.

So, there's plenty of routes to take in working in medicine if you are an engineer. However, the most obvious is right here in front of you. Work with medical equipment that helps save lives. You have the knowledge to help others and that help can start right now!

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