Medical Jobs Aren't Super Expensive

When you hear all the fluff in the media about how expensive jobs are when the government is trying to create them you have to consider whether the job you want is really expensive to create or not.

It turns out that Construction jobs are very expensive because you have to spend lots of money on materials. However, medical and research jobs are fairly cheap to create and make a huge difference in the costs of healthcare in America.

As you think about letting the news help guide you into a field of medicine remember that research in medicine does two things:

  1. Finds ways for healthcare to be more efficiently provided
  2. Makes healthcare costs go down as less and less people will need major treatment in that area of research.

It would be easy to say that research is boring and stale because you'll spend all your time in a lab working on a project in which the outcome is unsure, but that job required very little in material resources to create, yet the government knows that your job is worth the money because you will make strides in healthcare that will make costs go down in the long-run.

If they put money into a new hospital then it's pretty easy to employ you because they just need to build the building and let people come in. It's a relatively simple formula actually. Don't be deterred because you think, "They won't want to hire me to work in that nice, new building" because they NEED people and it isn't killing them financially to hire you.

Working on the fringes of healthcare is also pretty cheap. It's no doubt that the government will be consistently announcing funding for different job training programs and new facilities. These places NEED people. Just because there is funding for a job training program doesn't mean that you are unqualified. Many people will think that the job training isn't for them because they aren't the greatest students. These programs ARE NOT for the greatest students. These programs are for the people who may not agree with "traditional" programs, but may fair quite well in a short training program for a job that they REALLY want.

If you're thinking of going into research or other government funded programs then you should consider these two points:

  1. People will be flocking to these places
  2. People will be lining up around the block for spots just to get a job

Proactivity is the best policy in looking for work. The moment you get word of something you need to take action. The best policy in regards to working around programs where money is "granted" is to get in while you can. Basically, the money needs to get spent and if you're there then they'll take you. Even hesitating for a moment will make your life more difficult.

As you look for the right job on you should also consider the easiest way to get said job. It might be through government grants and new funding. A new job training program may be right around the corner for you!

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