Obama Approves More Grants For Healthcare Training

It appears that an announcement is on the horizon from President Obama that will offer $975 million in grants to improve the use of technology in healthcare.

This is good because most of the jobs that exist in the healthcare industry are entirely dependent on technology. Doctors and nurses COULD function without the use of big and expensive equipment, but there are so many jobs in the medical community that deal specifically with using advanced technology. So, let's look at how this is going to help you find a job.

First off, the money is supposed to offer up about $225 million to train up 15,000 new workers. This means that some obstacles that may stand in your way could be overcome with government grants. Typically, training for "ancillary" medical jobs takes a year or 2 at the most, but it still costs money. This training also takes time so people usually have to work AND go to school at the same time. Well, if you can get a grant that allows you to pay for school without having to KILL yourself at another job that will make your path to working in medicine much clearer.

Plus, because some of this new money is going to 100,000 different hospitals to improve the use of technology in their facilities this will also open up jobs for people who will have to interact directly with the new technology in these hospitals. Radiation Technologists, Medical Equipment Preparers, Laboratory Technicians, and a host of other jobs will either be created or bolstered through the use of new technology.

This means that your local hospital may be looking to hire RIGHT now. If they know the money is coming and they know what they want to do then there is a pretty good chance that they'll start hiring for the positions that will handle all their new equipment. This goes back to "walking in" and asking for a job. Sometimes these positions won't be published, but word of mouth in the hospital will say whether they need more people or not.

Also, if you live near a medical equipment company or distribution office there might be a job waiting for you there as well. With more orders coming in these companies may need more people to help fill them. Then, if the equipment is extra-complicated the companies may need medical equipment preparers to work for THEM to handle the equipment that they sell to hospitals.

If you're already in healthcare and there will be this new influx of technology and people then it would be smart to ask around about who's going to manage this new equipment and start inquiring about a promotion. Perhaps you could move up from Radiation Tech to Radiation Therapy Supervisor. The reality is that someone will have to manage all the new technology once it gets in the building.

So, look around the "Medical Jobs Tree" and see what new jobs are likely to be created by these new grants. You'll be surprised what you find.

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