Securing Medicine - A Job You May Not Have Thought Of

Well, my wife and I sat down to watch "Night at the Museum" the other day and I all have to say to you is, "Hey Dum Dum, you got my Gum Gum?" Nah, just kidding, but then it made me think--duh!

There are so many more jobs in medicine than we give ourselves credit for. I know that this won't sound like a medical job, but check out how it kind of is if you know what you're doing. Security is NOT just a policeman's job because not all cops work part-times, and someone has to work security. No, I'm not going to suggest that a Doctor play "rent a cop" but I am suggesting that this might be a smart move for you if you're looking for work.

Alright, let's say you want to work as a medical assistant or an orderly. Let's say you want to work in the lab or be the lab courier. Let's say you can only find work part-time inside the hospital in radiology or your given field. Not every job is like that of a Dental Hygienist--where you can just work for more than one Dentist--and sometimes you have to improvise.

Have you ever considered working security at the hospital or medical clinic nearest you? Think about it--if you need more part-time work this is a job that does not conflict with your current job--since most security guys work at night--and even though you'll be up all day you will gainfully employed.

Let's say you are trained but you're having a hard time finding full-time work inside the hospital but there's a full-time opening in security. Guess what?! You can work security and a few things will happen:

  1. Everyone will get to know you.
  2. You'll still be in the environment you want to work.
  3. You are closer to the people who make the medical hires.

If everyone in the hospital or clinic knows you it won't take long before they start talking. Then you start talking. Before you know it they know that you're actually trained as a--fill in the blank here--and you were hoping to be doing that, but you're sure happy to have a job on security.

Now, every time that job comes open don't you think half the people in the building are going to say, "Hey, you know Joe the security guard is trained as a "fill in the blank"?

This isn't a bad strategy since it keeps you close to the action and since you're already "in house" it's much easier to hire you since you're not new to the building. Now, this doesn't mean you can always parlay security work into a medical job, but the least you can do is try--and who knows--maybe you'll decide security is what you want to do. In fact, you can advance to a supervisor in the job and perhaps get pretty high up the hospital ladder.

It's not JUST wearing the weird badge and funny uniform - it's a job with opportunities.

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