Some Medical Jobs Don't Even Exist Yet

As the medical community continues to specialize even more, we're going to see jobs that we've never seen before.

There will be jobs out there that will make you turn your head and say, "Huh?" Well, guess what--you have to have your eyes out for these jobs in the same way that wannabes keep their eyes out for new reality TV shows. It's not mistake that some people ALWAYS seem to end up on those kinds of shows--they keep looking for them. They keep looking for opportunities. Well, you can do the same thing in medicine. Yes, you can get work much easier by working for someone, but there is also a way to put your entrepreneurial spirit to work. Think about all the possibilities.

First off, there are jobs that already exist, but those jobs don't necessarily exist in mass quantities. Take medical coding as an example. There are medical coding departments in hospitals and clinics as well as at insurance companies. Well, if you are a big-time medical coder then you've got something to work with.

If you have training as a coder you could easily supervise coders--as the owner of your own business. You could hire medical coders and outsource them to places where you know work is needed. For example, if you work at a hospital and they are desperate you could always find some folks to do coding and become the "headhunter" for the hospital. Well, if you are successful once you can easily sell your wares to other facilities that need someone who can find coders and in a hurry. You collect a finders fee and a portion of the coders' salaries or you work by contract and the hospital pays you and you pay the coders.

Sometimes, medical jobs don't really have anything to do with medicine at all. If you go to a big, fancy hospital they've got everything they need right there on-site. Well, what you live near a smaller hospital that is not its own floating Metropolis? Is it possible for you to jump in and find a way to serve the hospital and make a living?

If you are a good cook you could do what Paula Den used to do and sell food to the employees and be the defacto cafeteria. If you are good at doing flowers you could do flower arrangements and be the defacto gift shop.

If there isn't a courier service in town and the hospital needs to ferry records back and forth to a doctor or clinic you could be the hospital courier.

What if you decided that the hospital needed more janitorial help? You could hire some folks and clean the facility on a contract. Hire your own workers and pay them after the facility pays you.

There's so many options that you just need to think outside the box. You've a lot going for you as the economy grows. Grab the bull by the horns and get it done!

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