We need people working at the VA

With two wars going on in Iraq and Afghanistan and countless other troops stationed all over the world the Veteran's Administration or VA handles all affairs for veterans after they exit the military.

The most visible of those services is the "VA" which most people say when they are referring to a VA hospital. Just as there is a shortage in medical professionals in "regular" hospitals there is also a shortage of medical professionals in VA hospitals. The work may seem daunting, but someone has to do it!

The largest need in any hospital is a staff of nurses and other assistants to aid patients. Because veterans can return from the field with catastrophic injuries there needs to be a large staff of assistants to therapists and doctors who help patients. Physical and Occupational Therapy Assistants are needed to help patients re-learn how to do basic functions such as writing, eating and walking.

Psychologists and Psychiatrists also work in VA Hospitals to counsel veterans and they also need a staff of Psychiatric Aides and Psychiatric Technicians to help with patients. Just as a Psychiatric Aide is tasked with getting close to patients in a mental health facility Psychiatric Aides also can become friendly with patients who are waiting for counseling. It's nice for the patients to have someone to relate to when they are struggling with mental issues and/or injuries.

This kind of job is very well suited for a veteran who is out of the service and wants to have a heavy impact on vets who are returning home. Vets who are out of the service could also serve well as assistants to Therapists and Doctors because you would assisting patients. Also, Orderlies and Medical Assistants who work all over the hospital could be of great comfort to vets because "it takes on to know one".

Doctors who work in specific specialties are also highly in demand when it comes to working with veterans. Many will come home with head injuries and orthopedic injuries that can only be dealt with by a specialist. Being an Orthopedic Surgeon and working on athletes all day might be glamorous, but you could also be of great help to veterans who have had bones broken, tendons torn, and other such injuries that make it hard to walk, or write, or do other basic things.

Many vets also come home with head trauma and a neurosurgeon is best equipped to help with head injuries and brain surgery. Also, Radiation Technologists would be in need to operate CAT Scan machines and MRI machines. Also, patients with cancer will need Radiation Therapists and Oncologists to treat them.

The spector looming over the VA now is that they cannot provide adequate services, but with a slew of people who want to get into the medical community and a set of vets who have been discharged and need jobs can greatly fill the gap left by a shortage of working in the medical community.

We often just think of the VA as "another hospital" but it is much more than that. The VA serves people who serve us on the field of battle and they need all the help they can get.

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