What Are "Bio-Medical" Jobs?

Bio-Medical jobs are those that exist in the gaps between patients and healthcare facilities.

Patients don't make the drugs they take them, and Doctors don't make the drugs...they prescribe them. There are plenty of lab tech jobs in hospitals and Doctor's offices, but there are even more jobs for Lab techs in the Bio-Medical Industry. Can you break into this field where jobs seem to be "recession proof"?

The Bio-Medical industry is that which produces drugs and vaccines for healthcare uses all over the world. Every time a doctor prescribes a drug to you you can bet that it is being developed and tested at a "Bio-Medical" company by scientists, doctors, and techs. So, who gets jobs at places like this?

Bio-Medical firms first and foremost need Doctors and Scientists to help them produce these new drugs. Doctors who have been working in the "field" of hospitals and doctor's offices can provide a great deal of input as to how drugs should be put together and produced or even marketed. So, if you're a doctor a good side-job might be working for a bio-medical firm as a consultant. If you want to get out of "traditional practice" then you could go work full-time for a bio-medical company as a developer and scientist.

They don't ONLY need doctors though. You see, lots of people get their Doctorates in Chemistry or Biology and go to work as product developers for bio-medical firms. So, maybe you like playing with a home-chemistry set? Go to school and get advanced degrees in Chemistry or Biology and you could easily work in bio-medicine. This takes out the rigors of going through medical school, but you still get to work in and around the medical community.

These bio-medical firms also need salesmen. It's not every day that someone with a "post-Doctorate" in chemistry is going out and selling the drug they just spent countless sleepless nights developing. So, perhaps you don't want to go back to school, but you'd like to get into this industry? Can you sell?

Pharmaceutical salesmen pound the pavement for these bio-medical firms hoping to get hospitals to stock their new products, to get doctors to consider prescribing it, and to get literature out in the community for patients to see. You know, when you go into a doctor's office and see all the fliers for a new drug or drug regimen...a pharmaceutical salesmen probably put it there.

Plus, these salesmen need to visit local pharmacies to see if Pharmacists will consider offering their drug as an alternative to patients who don't want the exact thing that their Doctor prescribed. Being a salesman is about more than just selling...it's about good will. If you like people and you like helping people then you might want to go work as a salesman for a bio-medical firm and get the word out about new drugs and products you believe in. You see, these drugs are constantly hitting the market and people are always going to be in need of care. The bio-medical industry has many job opportunities in it if you just do a little digging. It won't take long before you find something that will really get you going.

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